Home Discussion Forum Would smoking marijuana for my first time help me with my dylsexia?

Would smoking marijuana for my first time help me with my dylsexia?

I want to kind of “awaken” my spiritual and intelligent self. Sometimes i’ll admit i am an idiot. but sometimes, out of no where, i get these sparks of intelligence and it feels pretty good. I am wondering if marijuana could help it a little or help me into it. I most likely would smoke it a couple times a year. Then again smoking will probably make my dyslexia worse. But then, what about making it into tea?


  1. No, it will make you a pothead. Marijuana is (duh) illegal. You have a learning disability, and the only real way to help with it is special education, with teachers that are trained to help people with the disorder.

  2. Definitely not. If I’m high, I try to concentrate on something, 5 seconds later I’m like HOLY SHIT, CHECK OUT THAT FLAG

  3. You may think interesting thoughts while high, but only you will think they are intelligent. They will be very fleeting too. You will also find writing them down or recording them only adds to the confusion. All it will do is waste your money and your life when people find out you do illegal drugs. No, I don’t recommend it at all. Oh, and don’t think you can control the beast. I doesn’t work that way. Not even marijuana. You will be surprised how much money you throw away just to stay “awakened”. Why do you think they call it being “wasted”?


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