Would Shamanism survive in America? How well would it be accepted?

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Do you think America is open-minded enough for it? Please list references.

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America? Do you mean North America,South America, Central America? Shamanism has been around in “America” long before white people have, shamanism being one of the oldest religions on the planet. Their are still those who practice it. Their are still shaman among the Natives here, you just don’t learn about that in your “American” history books LOL

The Nikki

Aaron has some good points. Shamanism has survived in America. However it’s not ‘out there’ like mainstream religions. It is still practiced, and always has been. To your would it be accepted: It is accepted because most people don’t know about it. However if something were to happen that would cause shamanism to go into mainstream media, you know that mainstream religious organizations would be all over it, saying that it’s ‘the devils doing’ and crazy things like that.

Crazy Horse

I’m part Cree and Blackfoot. I’m very open to Shamanism. I personally don’t like western religions. They preach separatism and non tolerance.


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