Home Discussion Forum Would it be weird to name my son after Aleister Crowley?

Would it be weird to name my son after Aleister Crowley?

I think Aleister is so cute.
full name would be Aleister Draken.
what do you think?
thanks xxx
LOL I was thinking about Ali as a nickname… what’s wrong with Al?


  1. Very nice. As long as you earnestly swear that you will never permit him to be called ‘Al’ for short.

  2. I think it’s a rotten idea. I’ve heard some people claim that Crowley was better than he pretended to be, but I think it’s simply dumb and destructive to portray yourself as the “antichrist” or as some kind of satanic being.
    If you reject mainstream Christianity — well, some people do, and at times I’ve been one of them. But it seems perverse and self-defeating to reject what Christianity seems to be saying about Good in order to embrace what it seems to be saying about Evil.
    I asked a Wiccan girlfriend once if she had an interest in Satanism and Satan worship, and her reply was “No. The last thing I want is to worship another patriarchal male god.”
    If you want anti-Christian or non-Christian names for your kid, I would suggest “Voltaire” or “Marcus Aurelius” or “Socrates” or “Huxley” or “Darwin.” At least these guys were somewhat rational.

  3. It doesn’t matter. It isn’t his real name any way. But then again he did welcome negative dark energy into his life which is never a good thing to bring into a child’s life. If you just like the name and it’s not in your heart to name him after this particular individual go for it. Love and true light.


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