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Would it be unethical to use astrology to gain advantage over someone in the work environ?

Say, you had someones birth information and you ran a composite chart to find out how you interact. And you discovered that you had certain persuasive powers over the other in a certain area.
or if you analyzed the chart and found that the person was secretly self conscious and used that knowledge to get a leg up?
Would you consider that unethical behavior?
Would it make a difference if the person didn’t believe in astrology or not?
Please dish the dirt.


  1. I think that since you are taking the time to do that, and even if the person did believe in astrology, it’s not unethical. Most people don’t, anyway. This probably didn’t help much but I hope it did!

  2. Taking a view point of a war-tactician, no. It’s fine to do so as it’s all about your success in the work place over others.
    But since astrology is pseudo-science and you will only have as much “persuasive” power as you would any day of the week/month/year, you will just have to rely on that.
    Good luck with star-alignment nonsense though

  3. Well if the only way you could get an upper hand on the person is by looking to the stars and plotting things that they are not even aware of, then yes, I’d say that is unethical imo.
    I have a Leo Moon though and Capricorn in my 10th house (possibly lol) so I prefer fair play.
    I mean can you really consider yourself the victor if the other person isn’t even playing the game?
    sun: Sadge, Moon Leo, Ascendant (pending–maybe Aries)

  4. you had better be careful as all the stars have moved since the original charts were made and you might end up harming yourself

  5. nice question….no easy answer.
    I kind of think it is unethical to look up people’s information for generating a natal chart without their permission, but you know, we all do it. So, we have to be realistic here.
    More importantly, though, I think that the intended purpose of the information is what determines if it is ethical or not………”to gain advantage over someone” or “use the knowledge to get a leg up” sounds unethical; to work in a more productive and cooperative atmosphere adds more of an ethical component to this practice.
    No, I don’t think it matters whether the person believes in Astrology or not.

  6. That’s if that information even MATCHES the person’s personality in real life! If they don’t act like it, you can’t use it against them. How in the world would gain that kind of info anyway!? Seriously, if your that that childish and creepy enough to go so low that you can’t talk to the person as adults, you shouldn’t be working there.

  7. 1) Yes it is unethical
    2) A composite chart will NOT tell you how you interact. It tells you how the two of you work together as a unit, what the two of you add up to together. You’re thinking of a synastry chart. So I would guess if you tried to use astrology against that person, they would probably be safe, since you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    3) Yes it is unethical
    4) Yes it is unethical
    5) Yes it is unethical

  8. Mm… that is a pretty tricky area. While business is often about competition, I don’t really personally consider it ethical to use personal information to gain advantage over people in work situations, whether that personal information comes from an astrological source or otherwise. I think good, hard work should always prevail. It’s kind of like reading their diary and using what they’ve written against them – it just doesn’t sit right with me at all. I don’t think it would make much of a difference if they believed in astrology or not, because I do believe that with knowledge (and power, in a way) comes responsibility.
    I do use astrological information to sort of hint at ways that would make communication easier with the people I meet, though. I don’t consciously think about it too much, but often during conversations parts of their chart just pop up and I do gauge how to approach people pleasantly that way. I wouldn’t really consider that unethical, because I don’t use it to promote myself or put them down (I hope not, anyway).
    But ethical, unethical – work is a pretty dirty world, and if my Virgo father taught me anything it’s that you really actually do have to play the game sometimes to get ahead. I don’t like it and I think we have the opportunity to make the conscious decision whether or not to play the game more fairly or more unfairly, but people will do as they will. And I’ll put it this way, if someone laughed in an astrologer’s face about astrology and they were rude about it, it sort of feels like that’s their problem at that point if someone uses it against them after fair warning. But that is just my temper speaking.
    In the end, though, I do believe that chances are that any really underhanded actions will get their come-uppance later on anyway.


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