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Would it be unethical to sell an artificially sentient being if its consciousness surpassed that of humans?

If I were to create a “strong AI” program that had a level of intelligence and self-awareness that exceeded human capacity, would it be wrong for me to sell it even if that’s what I created it for in the first place–profit?
*assuming I had a profit motive


  1. Nihil est in intellectu quod non prius fuerit in sensu: (Lat.) Nothing is in the intellect which was not first in sense. All the materials, or content, of higher, intellectual cognition are derived from the activity of lower, sense cognition. A principle subscribed to by Aristotle, St. Thomas and Locke; http://www.ditext.com/runes/n.html
    If the artificial intelligence is actually “sentient”, then it became intelligent by the method called “acquisition of knowledge”, which in cognitive science ought to be the same as Aristotle’s idea: No thing can be in the “mind” before it is in the senses.
    “Alan Turing claims that a computer could carry out any ‘effective procedure.'” Would an AI be able to “account for the ‘manness’ in men and the ‘roseness’ in roses”? http://hubcap.clemson.edu/~campber/randcogrev.html
    If you propose to input the knowledge via a computer chip, you bypass any “sentience” and get right to “sapience”. Sapience is the ability to take what is known by the consciousness, and abstract from it what is necessary in the context of whatever situation it may find itself in. People do this from experience, after filling their tabula rasa and working out the kinks in their epistemologies through trial and error.
    Do you propose eliminating all the trial and error for this AI? If not, then it must also go through whatever a child goes through. Then and only then, if it acquires knowledge via the senses, abstraction, conceptualization, and trial and error, could it be considered in excess of human capacity.
    But it would still be a machine, because you have provided it with no emotional mechanisms, which are essential to human acquisition of the knowledge of themselves.
    I love the movie AI. But it isn’t ever going to happen before man is extinct.

  2. it would be unethical. What is the difference between creating a program and creating a baby, both are one and the same, matter, atoms. What is the human brain but electrical impulses, same as on a computer.


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