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Would it be sacreligious for a wiccan to become an astronaut and set foot on the moon?

Since they worship it and all? If it’s not wiccan, then whatever that religion is that worships the moon


  1. Difficult to say. It depends on how “devout” you’d be, I assume. If you had common sense, you’d know the moon is really just a big piece of rock and that the “moon” that is being worshipped is like an abstract concept.
    But hey, maybe it’s the opposite: perhaps it’s good to be so close to the object of your worship. Maybe it would be counted as a holy act.
    I don’t know. This feels like a rhetorical question.
    But I’m not Wiccan or anything. Just a semi-Christian who like science to much to believe in the Old Testament.

  2. Maybe. But I would be willing to bet there are no Wiccans among the astronauts and probably never will be. Don’t make me tell why. I don’t feel like getting flamed today.

  3. The moon people would undoubtedly try to burn you at the steak. But unfortunately for them, there’s no air on the moon. Hee hee, the fools…

  4. We Wiccans don’t worship the moon, silly.
    I don’t know of any religion that worships the moon.

  5. Um…Wiccans don’t *worship the moon*, or the sun for that matter, at least none that I know.
    Some of us who practice witchcraft, which not all Wiccans do, attune our magic to the lunar and/or solar phases. We honor such natural cycles of the year in the religion of Wicca. Think about it – the moon and sun’s gravitation control our ocean’s tides. Our bodies contain a high percentage of water, so it stands to reason that the sun and the moon have an affect on us and our energies as well, much like the tides.
    Depending on which Wiccan tradition/pantheon one follows, there are usually Goddesses/Gods associated with the sun and moon, and often these deities are honored in Wicca. Study some mythology for that. And maybe the religion of Wicca before you make such claims about what we worship.

  6. Um, no. Wiccans do not worship the moon, although many worship a goddess associated with the moon. The moon is still a physical object just like other physical objects. We do not worship the moon, trees, dirt, statues, or anything else physical. We worship deities. Many Wiccans also worship a goddess associated with the earth, but they don’t have any problems stepping on that either.

  7. No. The moon is only a symbol of the Goddess, so is many other things in nature. Wiccans don’t worship the Moon or anything else in nature, we honor and respect these things.
    The deer is a symbol of the God and eating deer meat is permitted in Wicca.
    In other words the God/Goddess is part of all things and every human.


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