Home Discussion Forum Would it be okay to smoke cannabis before using a Ouija board?

Would it be okay to smoke cannabis before using a Ouija board?

My friends and I wanted to use a Ouija board and get high before hand because we feel it would make it a more impressionable and spiritual experience. Is this a bad idea? would we be more susceptible to negative energies and spirits in this more permeable mental state?
no anti-cannabis lectures please.


  1. Sure. When you’re stoned you can have a spiritual experience with pretty much anything. Cats, Dogs, Giraffes, Wallpaper, Dora the Explorer etc.

  2. Hi,
    I do not recommend using cannabis before using a Ouija board as it can open you up to negative interference and the worst case scenario is that you could get possessed.I myself have used Ouija and i do not recommend it,no good spirits communicate through Ouija,they could trick you into thinking they are good but you don´t know who or what you are inviting into your home/life when you do this,it could be a mild 4th dimensional energy vampire or up to 11th dimensional so called dark avatar/high level demonic entity that could possess you and cause havoc in your life.I am
    somewhat psychic and i have had to deal with possession and psychic interference for quite some time,it can be very frightening and can cause havoc in one´s own life.If you still
    want to go ahead with using Ouija then i very strongly recommend using an energy technique called Maharic Seal,
    it´s a 12th dimensional energy technique that can help to protect you from negative spirits/interference.I myself use it daily as this helps me to get peace from pestering spirits/astral energy vampires.It has many beneficial benefits,it´s safe and doesn´t take too long to do.

  3. many primitive peoples would get stoned (mush rooms, other plant sources of drugs) before engaging the spirits. how ever, they would go through a cleansing process first, over seen by their elders who would help guide them through it. they probably also had charms made and such, incantations to keep them safe from evil spirits and generally protected them selves first spiritually to keep them safe. on the other hand, pot makes you silly and happy, so may be only silly and happy spirits would be attracted to you. i would reccommend, if you must get stoned, do it out side the house in the back yard or in a well ventilated room, then have some one come over who will stay sober the whole time. keep that person away from any room in which they could get a whiff of second hand smoke. that way you’ll have some one who can look out for youl. that would be my advice.

  4. Do what thou wilt. If you are headstrong and go in with a fair mindset nothing can overpower you. It doesn’t matter what your on. There are mages all over the world who dwell into the occult right after dropping acid and smoking a joint. There are no rules exept Do what thou wilt. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an institutionalized slave.


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