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Would it be mean of me to make Buddha a girl?

I’m writing a book, where some religious figures are Moe Anthropomorphisized.
Would it be mean? I don’t think so, and I’m Buddhist. But..
There have been many Buddha incarnations, and at leat one has to be female, so it wouldn’t be a big deal?
Though, I’m pretty sure no one will care about that gender change, but the Christan God and Satan’s, since I’m making them female..Then again, they have no genders.


  1. One day as Soma the nun sat in meditation, she was approached by Mara (the Buddhist version of the devil).
    Mara made an insulting remark about the “two inch” perception available to females.
    Soma the nun replied, “Any being who considers itself to be either male or female deserves to be addressed by Mara.”
    On thing is certain. If Buddha were to be disturbed by your fiction we’ll welcome him back to existence with open arms.

  2. The Buddha-nature is unconditioned. It has no age, size, race or gender.
    Women in ancient India had few opportunities to study or practice, Being in that position was referred to as “being born female”. Now that we have pretty much overcome that inequity, there is no “female birth”, like in the descriptions of the Pure Land. There are plenty of high-ranking female teachers, ministers, roshis and lamas.
    I don’t think it would be mean.


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