Home Discussion Forum Would it be better if we were all one consciousness?

Would it be better if we were all one consciousness?


  1. if we were all of one consciousness we would all be the same! Since we would all be the same, YOU would be superfluous (extra, not needed) so the rest of us would have to kill you.
    WHY would you want to live in a world where everybody is the same????

  2. “Better” how? That’s an entirely subjective word…
    Think about this: if you’re a guy, would you want any girl you see to have instant access to the thoughts in your brain? I wouldn’t. So no, I don’t think it would be “better.”

  3. Yes – absolutely! We would still all be individuals but we would not feel the need to start wars, suffer needlessly and create problems in the world. It doesn’t mean being exactly the same as each other -it just means that we live within a sphere of higher intelligence. (Human evolution should really be there by now but we aren’t).

  4. Religious interpretations of evolution see this as the future of humanity, indeed of all life and creation. A difficult theory to propose and yet avoid pantheism was written about by a Jesuit priest and biologist, Teilhard de Chardin

  5. Most people are already mental and emotional slaves to the hive-mind of society. Meat robots who only believe what theyre programmed to.

  6. It would probably cut down on the conflict caused by us getting in each other’s way. But it might also have a deleterious effect on human creativity.


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