Would it be Bad to cast spells if you arent a witch?

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I found a small book of spells at a book store that I wanted but. Never got, I asked my friends about it and somebody said if I did my soul would be damned. Is it true?

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You can’t cast a spell because you’re not a witch.
Even if you were a witch, you can’t cast a spell.
You can’t be a witch.
You can’t cast a spell.
Any questions?


No but it is bad not to put an apostrophe in aren’t

Asgard is the real heaven 123 days left

sooooooooooooo true…beavers will eat your soul because beavers live in a damn

All the Best

Yes, it is nearly as serious as downloading episodes of Charmed off the internet without paying. Your best chance at getting away with it is to say your dog did it.

Lady K

Why would you cast a spell if you aren’t practicing a magical faith?


I am a Christian that has had past experiences with Wiccan friends in highschool (yes, that means I was a non-judgemental Christian teenager, OMG!!)
Be very careful if you wish to spellcast. I am speaking from a strictly non-christian standpoint right now. Without the proper training, you can invite all manners of bad things to happen to you.
Now, as a Christian, I will tell you that I fully believe in the existance of demons, devils and all manner of evil spriits. They actively seek to harm those that play around with powers they know nothing of. Be careful.
As far as your friend goes, saying your soul will be damned is going a bit far. The Bible does say that you should not suffer a witch to live and it also says that any power that does not come from God, comes from Satan. However, since Jesus came down and saved us from our sins, we are not to condemn anyone as they can be saved through his sacrifice. That is his new Covenant with us and allows us to re-evaluate more strict laws that have no place in a different culture than was present in ancient times.
God bless you and keep you safe.


Why the devil would you cast spels for?
Cassting spells is strickly forbidden, occultic and may lead you to salvation with the devil.
May the Lord rebuke him from our presence!


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