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would I be considered a theist or an atheist?

by Destined:

I have come to the conclusion that a Creator did not write the Bible, Quran or Torah… man did.
I do not believe that a Creator, personified as a human, with empathy, would allow children to be molested, or killed, or innocent animals and plantlife to be destroyed… without preventing it from happening, especially for countless centuries. I as a regular human could not comprehend allowing it to happen, so I feel that something greater than me, with empathy could not also.
So, if there was a creator being, it would have to be numb to the pain and suffering, a non humanity entity… without empathy, or sympathy.
I hate the suffering of one child… how could one stand the suffering of millions or billions of beings for eternity???
If I were this being I would remove the innocent and put them somewhere else and not wait one day or one hour to return back to Earth…
I do not believe the Creator would have had to ask Mary to birth himself, when the Creator is supposed to be all powerful
However, I do believe that there should be the 10 commandments, and that something ‘greater’ than myself had something to do with the creation of myself, and other life… be it concious thought, or a spark of light.
I do believe that with intelligence one can attain a godshead.
I do believe there are special beings that can heal, prewarn and guide others, though I do not believe in winged beings…
I do not believe in death, in that energy can never be destroyed, only changed.
I do believe in the possiblity of re-incarnation, though I do not know anyone with actual proof.
I do believe there are persons who do ‘good’ simply because it is their nature,
I do believe there are persons who do ‘bad’ simply because it is their nature.
I also believe the two can influence others to do one or the other.
I do believe there are people who will be a bane to human, animal and vegetable existence no matter what, and they do not feel that they are wrong, or right, but simply are.
I know there are some who rather die than kill or harm others intentionally…

Answer by Denver
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  1. If you believe there is a God/gods, you’re a theist.
    If you believe there is no God/gods, you’re an atheist.

  2. We are part of the universe, and therefore, we are simply the universe slowly (after billions of years) starting to understand ourselves. We have reached a point in which we can now find humor in our own very lives.

  3. that’s the million dollar question: How can a loving God allow so much suffering and atrocity on this earth, when He supposedly has the power to change it. I have no idea what the answer is. I think you are disillusioned about the concept of God in religion. I would say you are an agnostic.

  4. god inspired man to write the bible. god destroyed people for being bad. a few times. gods heart is crushed with all the crap in the world. just read the whole bible then well talk. other than that theres just the faith aspect of it

  5. Well, it would depend on how you define the term “god”. If a “god” is some sort of ascended being who has some sort of experience-based advantage over other beings, then you’re a theist. If a “god” has to be omniscient and omnipotent, then you’re probably an atheist.
    As I think about it, an omniscient and omnipotent “god” would not be subject to the emotional tides that mortal, needy creatures endure. He would see the big picture, how one person’s misery or another person’s violence are the consequence of ignorance of the wider situation. The suffering is merely a symptom, the problem is the ignorance. But if “God” cured ignorance and everything became omniscient, then “God” and the universe would be indistinguishable. Only a single. unified consciousness can truly be “omniscient”. There would be no questions.
    Your hangup seems to be about where everything came from, this “something to do with the creation of myself”. There are non-theistic ways around this, but assuming there is some creative force, probably unconscious, you could consider it to be “God” or not. The distinction would seem to be whether this unconscious creation was a natural process or an unnatural one. If natural, it wouldn’t be “God”. If unnatural, then it’s hard to rule out deliberate intent. But then, “God” is just hiding behind this “greater” force. You could call yourself a deist, believing in a God who creates but then does not interact with the world. But then “God’s” entire purpose would be simply to avoid discussing how the universe came to be.

  6. Come and join me on the fence we call agnostic, it is the half way house between any religion and atheism. You have done as I have, and decided to pick and choose what you want to believe. In a way you have created your own religion with your own set of beliefs. Congratulations

  7. This article focuses on three trickster deities: (1) The Old Testament figure Lucifer, the “Light-Bearer,” who, in defiance of Yahweh, brought self-awareness to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; (2) the Greek deity Prometheus, who rebelled against the authority of Zeus and gave fire to mankind; and (3) the ancient Mesoamerican god Quétzalcoatl, the “Feathered Serpent,” known to the Maya as Kukulkan, who was forced into exile because of his efforts on behalf of mankind.

  8. You are right, the Creator is all good and we should trust Him because He knows and understands us and how we write, what our thoughts are, our actions, everything… better than we know ourselves.
    He has given us the seeds of peace. It is up to humankind to scatter those, water them, and make them grow. The cause of the pain and not just the symptoms will then go away.
    The innocent are needed here to help the others….
    The mortal birth is necessary to live in a physical world. As soon as virgin Mary was told she was chosen to be the Messiah’s mother she was His mother, because she loved Him before He was even physically conceived. Where there is love, there is reality…. that’s all i will say about that for now, because some things should stay a mystery for the sake of sanctity and humility.
    God being greater than we are is part of this humility we must have to have the same mind as God… if that were possible. Christ had this, and so can we through Him. Wherever the mind is, the body follows and whatever we believe manifests into “reality.”
    I believe in energy too, it moves and changes but never dies.
    Read my answer here for your question about reincarnation:
    Remember, we can change our nature, if we want to…
    I do not however think that if reincarnation were possible that people would be reincarnating into other kinds of beings like plants or animals.
    I am one of those that would rather die than kill or harm anyone. I go out of my way to help others feel loved and accepted.
    In conclusion, I do not think that you are an atheist.

  9. I could not agree with you more sweetie. Do the right thing because it is the right thing for a true human being to do. That is what ‘human being’ means, it does not mean a human being something else. Do the right thing for you own self worth and honor.
    The truth never needs constant narcissistic self promotion, coercion through threat or reward, or death penalties for apostasy. Or a reliance on blind faith. There is no reward, or punishment. All are redeemed because all life is so unique and rare compared to the infinite expanse of the Universe, its value is beyond worth and measure. Our conscious awareness is who we are, that is all we are. All that there is, is a transient moment of now for our awareness to reside in.
    There are no chains, set way of doing anything, we each have our own lives and each of us must live our own. Not each others. No one person has any right to dictate what another should think or do, because as soon as they do, they prove they are no leader.
    Question everything, and look for the motives and beneficiaries. Some people can be real scumbags. 😉
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.


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