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would I be considered a theist or an atheist?

by Destined:

I have come to the conclusion that a Creator did not write the Bible, Quran or Torah… man did.

I do not believe that a Creator, personified as a human, with empathy, would allow children to be molested, or killed, or innocent animals and plantlife to be destroyed… without preventing it from happening, especially for countless centuries. I as a regular human could not comprehend allowing it to happen, so I feel that something greater than me, with empathy could not also.

So, if there was a creator being, it would have to be numb to the pain and suffering, a non humanity entity… without empathy, or sympathy.
I hate the suffering of one child… how could one stand the suffering of millions or billions of beings for eternity???

If I were this being I would remove the innocent and put them somewhere else and not wait one day or one hour to return back to Earth…

I do not believe the Creator would have had to ask Mary to birth himself, when the Creator is supposed to be all powerful

However, I do believe that there should be the 10 commandments, and that something ‘greater’ than myself had something to do with the creation of myself, and other life… be it concious thought, or a spark of light.

I do believe that with intelligence one can attain a godshead.

I do believe there are special beings that can heal, prewarn and guide others, though I do not believe in winged beings…

I do not believe in death, in that energy can never be destroyed, only changed.

I do believe in the possiblity of re-incarnation, though I do not know anyone with actual proof.

I do believe there are persons who do ‘good’ simply because it is their nature,

I do believe there are persons who do ‘bad’ simply because it is their nature.

I also believe the two can influence others to do one or the other.

I do believe there are people who will be a bane to human, animal and vegetable existence no matter what, and they do not feel that they are wrong, or right, but simply are.

I know there are some who rather die than kill or harm others intentionally…

Answer by Denver
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