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Would I be able to legally publish a Tarot deck that used photographs of a celebrity now deceased?


  1. Even though the person is deceased, someone still owns the rights to their estate, including their likeness.
    You would have to obtain the rights first.
    (You are correct, Richard. I just assumed the question was referring to someone else’s published pictures.)

  2. If the Images are more than 75 years old, it might be okay, but otherwise you should probably contact the celebrities estate and ask permission.

  3. Depends where you got the pictures from.
    If you took them, then yes, it’s fine since you own the copyright. If you didn’t then you need the permission of the copyright holder of every picture you use.
    To trooper and beardog…. Copyright is vested in the TAKER of the pictures, NOT the person in them. There are situations where the person in a picture is entitled to payment for commercial use of their likeness, but selling a tarot deck wouldn’t be one of them, (Putting my picture in an advert, for example, would entitle me to payment. Putting it in a book or magazine that you then sell wouldn’t)


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