Home Discussion Forum would hypnotism work to help me pass my driving test ?

would hypnotism work to help me pass my driving test ?

my instructor said i am a realy good driver but i just got so nervus when i took my test i made silly mistakes i only got 7 faults 3 serious but now i just cant face it !!


  1. i am like this and honestly just before you get in the car BREATHE! in and say in your head “i am a good driver i am a good driver” and it will calm you right down 😀

  2. Hmmm… I doubt it all hypnotism do is give u confident and apparent quite expensive at that
    I will rec. studing and playing attentoion more

  3. The question is do you believe hypnotism will work? If you think it can, there are many books on self hypnosis etc. It is simply being able to become relaxed enough (sit (with spine straight and arms and legs unfolded)or lye down, so that you can block out the outside world enough, i.e. does not matter about the noise around or what you will do next, thing is here nothing is more importnat than giving this time to yourself, but being able to come out of the trance in an emergency. Breathing is important too, deep slow breathes in and slowly let them go (like letting go of any fear) Elevator or stairs and are ways to go deeper if you can imagine this is your mind or a relaxed place that you enjoy like a beach, wood lake etc, feel it all like the smell the breeze in your imagination………when you get relaxed enough, should take bout 5-10mins. You can imagine yourself for 10-15mins driving the car confidently and see how you look in your posture and how your speak etc, all in your imagination. Then you look at what it like to pass the test, give this lots of time in the relaxed state, to feel the whole experience. You can also imagine that you are watching a film of your self in the cinema, rewind it & play it lots of times in your mind and give it a great sound track and brilliant colours. And to get more out of the watching the film of you passing the test, you can in your imagination float up out of the cinema seat where you were watching and watch yourself from the projector room, i.e. you will be watching yourself, watching yourself, watching yourself.
    You may also know that the best sports or musicians did not simply become naturally great, what they did was the practiced and practiced. The best thing about setbacks like yours is that that you learn something each time you attempt a task or challenge, after all remember the first time you tried to ride a bike, What happened: You Fell Off, but ya got back on again until it was right, or the person that said to me ” I never wanna be in a relationship again”, because of the hurt it caused, however they cannot see that the next time round that the love etc will better, cause ya know what and what not to do! so you have all these resources inside you, must be a number of things that one is good at & how you became good at those, in the same way you will pass the TEST.
    Hope this helped

  4. I am sceptical about hypnotism, as the main idea behind it is acquiring a relaxed state, steady breathing and instilling confidence, which is just common sense really, but relaxing is definately the way to go to pass.
    It recently took me four tests to pass mine as i was so nervous i did really simple, stupid things (like almost driving into the back of a burger van and the instructor having to grab the wheel!), which you would never do in a normal lesson situation. The main thing is to believe you can pass, each time you do a test the likelyhood of passing gets greater due to you amassing more experience. Nerves are difficult, but eventually your determination will win out against them.
    Make sure you book your next test some as poss, as if you give up for a while the nerves will get worse.


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