Would girls see a guy like me as a long-lasting boyfriend?





It seems like a lot of girls like me, but not in the romantic way. I want to know if girls would like a guy like me in that way. Please dont tell me, “just ask them out and see”, because I have a hard time doing that for some reason. Also, some advice would also be very much appreciated. Here are some of my interests and personality traits: Calm, very peaceful, funny, compassionate, loves future and ancient technology, is a traditional and spiritual martial artist (non-sport), loves nature, loves the rain and spring, very intelligent, loves video games and movies, mainly listens to electronic music such as trance but has a very wide array of musical tastes, and dislikes high ego and closed minded people. I am for the most part vegitarian (for religious and health beneficial reasons). I also have mid-back length hair (which I keep very neat and brushed, btw). I am not a hippie. Please dont call me a hippie. I just prefer having long hair is all.


  1. To answer my question for you….. Poison Ivy and Edward. They both are a pain in my @$$ (I have a funny story about the poison ivy and you know why I included you).

  2. You have good personality traits and you may get a lot of girls with them. But maybe you are looking for the wrong girls at your age because a lot of them just want to have fun or either they just aren’t looking for this type of long-term bf. And i hate to say this, but a lot of girls want a good looking guy with some of those qualities too. You seem kind of serious, you need to loosen up a bit. Some girls want a laid back guy. However, there will always be someone for you, just wait!

  3. I think you just might be too picky about the ladies that you’re meeting! Nothing wrong with having high expectations….. but don’t be a snob.
    Perhaps you should just try the friendship approach… kinda like a test drive, know what I mean? Get to know a lady by being your friendly self, not with the expectancy of more. Women respond to this on a lot of levels. Tell them off the bat that you’re just interested in having more friends and you find her interesting.
    What have you got to loose?
    G’ luck dude!

  4. Well, let me just get out of the way many things OTHER people might think:
    1) You’re gay
    2) You’re ugly
    3) You’re boring
    And let me tell you why you can get a girl (and what you can do to change):
    First off, girls are NOT looking for a long-lasting boyfriend, they are looking for a guy they are attracted to, after a few dates… THEN they will decide whether or not they want to date you. Also, you listing all those things about you, you are trying to make a LOGIC list, girls aren’t logical when it comes to attraction, they are emotional. You must be confident, which by what you said about having a hard time asking girls out, you are not.
    What can you do? Be confident and just TALK to a girl. Girls who “like” you are friends, it means you are TOO nice to them. I know it sounds weird, why would a girl like it if you treat them bad, and they don’t like that either. They want you to show that you are in control, and that you can tease them. All those things about you, the girl will learn AFTER you talk to them, these aren’t things that a girl can just look at you and say: “oh, he looks like he is a vegetarian and enjoys future and ancient technology.” How you look (i.e. your hair) doesn’t matter as much as your personality.
    Talk to some girls, and don’t try and be their “friend”, girls don’t date their friends, they are friends with their friends. That’s about it, good luck.

  5. I don’t see why not. You seem like a nice guy but you gotta get some confidence. If its hard for you to go up to a girl and ask them some things, how do you plan on making moves? Alot of girls want a man to come to them so they don’t feel desperate. I would suggest getting to know a girl better and tallying your common interests. Like I said, you seem like a nice guy but we would have nothing in common. You have to find someone who has alot of things in common with you, that way you will be able to talk about those things and never be bored with each other and for the things you don’t have in common, it will be fun to show each other why you like them. I hope I helped in some way.

  6. wow. You sound really awesome. If I weren’t taken, i’d go out with you. Absoluelty. In my oppinion, keep up the good work. You’re doing just fine. What ever girl who can’t see that must be blind deaf, or both. 😛 lol. good luck babe. cya! ^_^

  7. Wow, sounds like some girl is going to really hit the jackpot with you someday. Sounds like you are an ideal long-lasting boyfriend that is very well rounded and has a good feel for his likes and dislikes, but is very open minded. Sometimes love happens and you aren’t even looking for it, so relax and it just might happen when you least expect it. Good luck.

  8. On paper, you sound great. You’re not exactly my type, but you sound like a good person and I’d definitely go out on a date with you.
    But no matter how good on paper you are, you may be doing something or have some personality quirk which is unattractive. If you think that’s possible, call up a friend and ask them to be brutally honest.

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