Would Dalai Lama’s visit to UK speed up China’ involvement and recognition of Scottish Independence ?

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Martin G

You got a problem with the Dalai Lama?
To answer your question… hopefully. The sooner we get rid of the Scots the better.

Mr Crusty

You call yourself “sense”…why exactly?

samuel m

they are men in skirts : / so who cares


No. Not until he has got it for Wales.

Stevie D

As soon as conservative government gets in power Scots will have a referendum and vote for Independence(At last).
Nothing to do with Chineese tho!!


“If I could be stuck on a desert island with one person, it would be the Dali Lama.” – Mrs. Berta

Captain Starkiller

I doubt it. Unlike in Tibet, the Scots have a democratic say in if they are to become independent or not.

robert c

To me Scotland’s Independence cannot come soon enough!Why do I say that!Full independence!Making them responsible for paying out their NHS and Benefits at no cost to England and Wales!The money saved would go in some way benefit our pensioners and one parent family’s!

Cymro bach

And don’t forget Welsh independence aswell.

Gyeltsab Je

Let the Scots decide about the status of Scotland and the Tibetans about the status of Tibet. The questions are totally unrelated, though.


What have the Dalai Lama & Scottish independence got to do with anything? The answer is nothing!


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