Home Discussion Forum Would crystals bought from a brick shop be suitable for crystal healing?

Would crystals bought from a brick shop be suitable for crystal healing?

I have done research and found an online shop where i could buy crystals.
Dad said no and said he’s seen ones exactly like that at a local brick shop where they can be bought buy the bucket, rather than $3.50 per crystal.
Would these be suitable for crystal healing? Would they have the same effect?
Useful answers only thanks, no skeptics. Anything rude and your answer will be reported.
Otherwise please help, i don’t know whether they’d have the same effect, thanks in advance.


  1. The energy fields present in a crystal were formed during the crystal’s creation in the earth. There should thus be no difference between the one bought from an expensive shop or one that you pick up in the street. The only difference is knowledge. A crystal shop of good reputation would help you choose a crystal that is right for you and fit for purpose.
    Choose a crystal by holding it in your hand and sensing if it makes any difference to you. If it feels energising or warming, it would indicate that the crystal is “in tune” with your own frequencies. Take it home, soak it in salt walter overnight to clear it from any previous contamination. Start working with it. You will soon know if it is the right crystal for you. Treat the crystal with good intent, cleaning it occasionally to clear any negative energies. They become your friends forever.

  2. they’re quartz, right? there is one big difference the pricey ones in shops are high graded, picked over for quality and clarity; no chips. quartz is in no way rare. very nice crystals are a bit more scarce. some of those high grade crystals are hand mined. some are bought by the truckload and picked over. then the marketing begins. the price doubles. then doubles again as jobbers distribute them to other suppliers. then doubles again, wholesaled to stores (who double the price).
    basically they are shiny rocks. the big difference is marketing. a tiny shop dedicated to books and candles and such is the most expensive place to buy such.
    that’s about basic quartz crystals. of course there are gem quality crystals, bearing gemstone prices.

  3. Crystals bought in a brick-shop will be just as useful as crystals bought in a new-age shop. The one place I would purchase speciailized crystals is the local electronic store when I need one tuned to a specific frequency. For your purpose, a handful of sand would be just as useful.


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