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Would Christians be okay with a Buddha statue in front of government buildings?

Not the fat laughing buddha, the real buddha. It would never happen, at least not that I know of, I’m just curious since christian overtones can be found all around Washington DC, would christians be offended by a buddha statue.


  1. Probably, but what could they possibly say about it? Or a Star of David, or a Cresent Moon, or an Om symbol for that matter?

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  3. No problem man, go ahead. Christians don’t give a hoot about statues. Just don’t build any in front of any government building in any Muslim-dominated country.

  4. There would have to be a good reason for it. The monuments you see celebrate American history and they have Christian overtones because the people of the history they are honoring were Christians. So if you are honoring a Buddhist then obviously that would be a good reason to erect a Buddha statue. But what is wrong with the laughing Buddha? What if your Chinese or Shinto? They believe in the laughing Buddha it has spiritual significance to them, it isn’t any less real then any other version of Buddha.

  5. Is this a trick question? LOL. As a Christian, I’d have a problem with it! Why should I agree on that if people don’t want the ten commandments onhere.

  6. Well, we are a Christian country after all, oh wait first amendment? Nah, that means we get to practice any religion we want, as long as it is Protestant Christianity. Never mind that most of the founding fathers were actually Deist and found fervent Christianity to be rather annoying.
    BTW, wonder what the Buddhists would think. I have a Buddhist friend who finds it odd that new-agers in the West use Buddha statues as decorations. Not offensive, but just a little strange.

  7. No reason to not be ok with Buddha statue I never go to DC so would not care one way or other but think they would then have to allow christian statues so yea probably not gonna happen too much money in anti religious groups.
    Oh and why not the fat laughing buddha lots of peeps could pass by and rub belly would bring in tourists dontcha think

  8. Buddha is a false God and those who follow him and the Buddhist Doctrine do not make it into heaven when they die. So why put up a statue of Him? Christians have one faith and that is of Christ Jesus who was perfect God and perfect Man. He died for the sins of Mankind and was resurrected and gloried now in heaven. Our Nation was founded on Christ and now it has given itself over to Satan, for when the Antichrist shall appear, He will cause all the world to worship him and receive His Mark in order to buy or sell. His Mark if ownership is already here and being implanted under the skin. Those who receive it shall spend eternity in the flames of hell.
    One day people will call on the name of the Lord Jesus and will not be heard..But they will remember how they wanted nothing to do with Christianity..


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