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would Britain, Sapphire or Amethyst be a pretty name for a baby girl?

i would definatly love to name my daughters (if i ever had any) Sapphire, Amethyst or Britian. i know they sound like weird names. But i personally think that they’re original and beautiful.


  1. I’m not really feeling “Britian”.
    But I like Sapphire & Amethyst.
    They are unique & beautiful.
    Definitely rather give your daughter an unique name than a common one.
    My name is Temperance, & I’ve loved growing up with the name.
    It’s becoming more popular because of the tv show, “Bones”.
    But I was born wayyy before the show, haha.
    Anyways, don’t name your daughter Brittany, Tiffany, Ashley, or something common.
    Then she will always meet others with her name & people don’t like it.
    Go unique & beautiful. (:

  2. Those names aren’t weird, they are just unique and that is a good thing. It sucks when somebody call your name and 10 people answer at the same time. Anyway, I like the name Sapphire

  3. I love Sapphire and Amethyst! Britian is okay as a middle name.

  4. I LOVE Sapphire!! I wanted to name my first daughter Sapphire to but i would have spelt it as Saphyre. I love those unique names like Tekela n Aalizay. I’m not an alcoholic or anything, but the name itself sounds beautiful to me.


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