Would astrology provide answers to negative experiences in life?

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Rick in the Santa hat


♥ Silence (Atheati) ♥

I very much doubt it 3:


No. There’s no truth at all to the belief that the planets of our solar system are gods and goddesses who magically control people’s lives from birth until death from their houses in the sky. And no sane reason to believe that you could tell which deities are in control from day to day. Try CSICOP.COM


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It wasn't until I was in my late teens that i understood that such things are allegedly true. Before that i only saw it...

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What all things a Man going to die should do and what all things he should not do ?

In the lime light of Karma and Jnana Doctrines, Paul's and Gnostic versions of Bible, if the Q. is not clear enough not clear...
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