Would any one be willing to do a reading for me and see what they get on the tarot?

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I do not have a tarot deck just curious to see if someone would read mine for me and see what it says.
my father died but i have a step dad and he has had heart surgery. I live in Oklahoma and am married. If I did move I am taking my husband with me.
I am not leaving my home so your tarot reading must have some thing to do with travel.
also state could mean mental state of mind.

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It says something so vague it could apply to anybody
If you want another reading then send me 20$


I will, and use your other question as the query. Keep in mind that i haven’t been doing this long, so take what I say with a bit of salt..
Short answer:Yes. You are pregnant.
Long answer: your “answer card, is the ace of wands, which is a very good predictor of pregnancy. The other cards, especially the way they are placed, are also very favorable toward pregnancy, and indicative of the situation you mentioned on your pregnancy question. Now ahead is a time to do some serious thinking, and connect with your inner wisdom. Motherhood is a serious responsibility, both financially, and spiritually, because you are teaching this little person not only how to survive int the world and get along with others, but also how to be wise and happy. It’s a huge task, but you have access to inner wisdom which will make the task easier.
It’s gonna be a lot of work, and will of course involve sacrifices of time, energy, and of course the painful experience of birth.. But you have all you need to be successful and it sounds like you want this very much, and for all the right reasons.
Congratulations, and good luck.


It says in your family there has been some health issues with your father. I also see more studies ahead for you. The state you live in will not be where you always reside. Thats all I got.


Sure. I did an online spread at facade.com.
2 cars in an accident. A true brings you peace.


For what it’s worth, you can get a free Tarot reading by a real person via http://www.ata-tarot.com, http://www.aeclectic.net and http://www.realmsofmagick.com. Understand that most people willing to give you a free reading are beginners doing it for practice.
You can also get free automated readings from many websites including aeclectic, facade, ifate, students-of-tarot, mydivination (all except the first dotcom).


Email me privately at graphael555@yahoo.com with your specific question and I will give you a faery oracle and a leonardo davinci reading.


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