Would Aleister Crowley support Universal Health Care?

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Because who really cares what Jesus thinks anyway?
Aleister Crowley is God.

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Ayin Y

Hell yeah he would. Love is the law.

Right Wing Extremist

Man,I love that song “Mr Crowley”
Other than that I know very little about Crowley,never really bothered to read up on him.So I have no idea if he would.
I know Jesus would,after all he didn’t have a Job.Therefore he wouldn’t have been helping to pay for it,like a lot of the other UH supporters.

Abomination of Desolation

No. Crowley was vehemently opposed to the state having ANY control over the bodies of it’s people. While at the same time he thought that people were to support their state, he did not feel that any kind of intrusion should be done.
lol@ guy who TD’d me. You do know what Crowley wrote about such things as the Motor Law, right?
93 93/93


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