Would Albert Einstein be considered slow if he had a neuro psychological test done on him today ?

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I mean is,as he was growing up,he had difficulty with speech and math even,so as I have heard. Even when he was an adult,he had a tendency to stumble on facts & figures. he also suffered from ADD as well. So where would someone like Albert Einstein end up doing in life today as a result?

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He would be a genius, as he was then. You can’t hold back brilliance. I don’t know if you realize it, but at 25 Einstein was a loser. His success came much later in life.


He was dyslexic, a fact well known today – he’s become a figurehead for proving dyslexic children are not unintelligent. Today, ideally, he would most likely have recieved early intervention which meant his early writing skills would have been improved and he would not have been considered globally slow because of one impairment. This would not have affected his IQ or ability to create his theories either way, but might have made his childhood schooling easier or less upsetting. His ability to come up with unique thoughts and theories and reasonings appears unaffected by his environment and schooling, though this is based on anecdotal evidence.
(Some schools lack the funding for these programs, or the staff, so I say “ideally” above)


I find that kind of hard to believe, lol. I remember reading an article that stated that scientists have studied his brain after his death, and it turned out that his left hemisphere was 1 cm thicker than the average person’s brain.


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