Home Discussion Forum Would a self hypnosis cd help my fear of flying?

Would a self hypnosis cd help my fear of flying?

I’ve never flown and it’s starting to annoy my family that we can never go abroad. I’m terrified of flying and would love to solve it. Would a Hypnosis cd help at all?


  1. Seriously mate i know this probably wont help but I was really scared of flying to but my parents insisted i go on holiday on my own ( cruel! ) but i have never looked back. You cannot go through life not going abroad, as soon as you have one flight you’ll realise how safe and comfortable it actually is. Have a good time away! Send me a postcard x

  2. Hi Lol
    About a year ago I treated a guy whose wife brought him. The thought of flying made him cry like a baby but she wanted them to fly to Dubai for Easter. After the case history I took him into my consulting room. He said “Let’s just talk about football for an hour. Then we can say we tried, and it didn’t work.”
    He said even if I made him think it was OK to fly he’d spend the rest of the week petrified that the fear would come back. I said that I didn’t know if I could even hypnotise him yet, so perhaps I could at least try first. So I hypnotised him. When I woke him up he said “That was weird.”
    “What was weird?” I asked.
    “Well, he said, “The first weird thing was that I knew I wasn’t going to get hypnotized so while you were doing something I thought I’d open my eyes and scratch my nose. So I did. Only nothing moved. My eyes didn’t open and I couldn’t scratch my nose. That was weird.
    “And the next weird thing was, I heard every word you said and it all made perfect sense but when I tried to remember what it was, it was gone. Now I know I agree with everything you said, but I have no idea what it was.
    “And the third weird thing is … I can’t make an issue of it. I mean, I’m not thrilled about flying but, well, I’m not thrilled about going to the newsagent’s. But I can go to the newsagents, and I can fly.
    “So I guess the last weird thing is … we’re going to Dubai for Easter.”
    I don’t want to spam you, but there’s an MP3 download on my site that might help.
    Best wishes
    Barry Thain
    Clinical Hypnotist

  3. The effectiveness of hypnosis is different for everyone, the process involves a level of trust and relaxation which many people find works well with a CD or MP3. Certainly Phobias have a great statistical success rate using hypnotherapy.
    What you may find as your biggest hurdle is weather or not you click with the therapists voice and methods, so if your going to buy something online try to get one of the samples they offer first to see how well you like their approach.
    You can get a free hypnotic induction to test if your a good hypnotic subject at http://www.hypnoticmp3.com/freesample.htm
    I would suggest you try a MP3 download (cheaper than an CD) and see how you respond if the induction works for you after trying it a few times


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