Worshiping the body as the expression of cosmic consciousness is the fastest way to enlightenment?

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The Goddess disguised as woman and God disguised as man.
Why do you suppose this has tried to be hidden by some religions?
Is it the plan that only the true seekers may enter the sacred embrace of spirit and flesh?
Jane: You have me mistaken for your husband or BF and I am not that nor would I want to be. By the way, I don’t give thumbs down either.
123: No I did not read that. I am not speaking in terms of ideas but of my own personal experience.
Jane: Not at all, I love the woman that knows herself as the physical manifestation of the Goddess and that cares enough about her beautiful Divinity to keep herself clean and pure inside and out.
Tamara: You say your source is life, are you aware that life is sex, the universe is a sex machine, the enteracton of the pairs of opposites? “Everything is broken up and dances”. Would you like to dance?

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Evolution is a fact, and having that said the genesis is wrong, and if genesis is wrong then the word of god is. If gods word is wrong he is not perfect, then why call him god? I will prove you that evolution exists.
1)Living organism reproduce
2)Reproduction increases population of the species
3)Life requires energy food(energy) & space
4)Earth contains a finite amount of food(energy) & space
5)Mutation happens
6)Most of an organisms traits are coded in DNA
1)Increase in population + Finite energy & Space = Competition
2)DNA + The Universe = Variation
3)Competition + Variation = Natural Selection
4)Natural Selection + Time(Millions of years) = EVOLUTION.
We have transitional fossils to prove it also. I know some of you guys feel its crazy that we came from the dirt, but its true. If you say “oh no its just a theory”, here is your where your wrong.
Now if I didn’t change your mind, its either your just ignorant or you do not have common sense.

Robert R

You are correct, the heiros-gamos is the fastest way to enlightenment. Which is why the major religions don’t want you to do that. Enlightened people don’t go to church, or tithe.

Dr Jazz ♥♥ Eνιl Aтнєιѕтѕ™♥♥

It could be. Beats standing in line waiting for Communion!


Worshiping the body you say… The one which you use to insult and oppress people and then produce smelly residue. Sure thing. Worship that.
Seth: If evolution is fact show me how amoeba became human?
Is worshiping the body got you that confused you are now looking for answers from my husband?


good question, I think its because if we all accepted that idea there would be no need for church’s bishops and popes, they would all lose their power when we realized that the true power already lies within us, all we have to do is awaken it.


You must have read the following, where your idea is nowhere to be found :
Mysticism: A Study in Nature and Development of Spiritual Consciousness
Author:Underhill, Evelyn (1875-1941)
Description:First published in 1911, Mysticism remains the classic in its field and was lauded by The Princeton Theological Review as ‘brilliantly written [and] illuminated with numerous well-chosen extracts . . . used with exquisite skill.’ Mysticism makes an in-depth and comprehensive exploration of its subject. Part One examines The Mystic Fact, explaining the relation of mysticism to vitalism, to psychology, to theology, to symbolism, and to magic. Part Two, The Mystic Way, explores the awakening, purification, and illumination of the self; discusses voices and visions; and delves into manifestations from ecstasy and rapture to the dark night of the soul.

Muthu S

Welcome to worship the body which cannot be avoided
but at the same time pl see the Goddess within the body

Mysterious Panda

This information is hidden from the very young, because old people can’t do much, and need slaves…
Slaves of yesterday got free food and a place to sleep…
Slaves of today, get money, to buy food and a place to sleep…
I’m Glad I have finished work for the day…

Tamara S

There is no “way to enlightenment” that works.
Placing the idea of enlightenment out there in the future somewhere is the way to stay unenlightened.
Worshiping is not enlightenment.
Life is not sex. Sex is form and what life does within form. Just a small aspect of what is. Life is intelligent, aware consciousness (a.k.a. Spirit), what we are before, in between, underneath and after form.
It seems to me we are already dancing; ) Life is not the dance. Life dances.

cumpassionate chameleon

I feel that this song effectively expresses God’s (man’s) worship of the Goddess’s (woman’s) body… 😉
However, i fear that not all will see it in same light… but i know you do! 🙂

Bill P

How could you gain cosmic consciousness by worshiping an illusion?
After you have learned to love your fellow man, you have almost
reached enlightenment. At that point, God will close the little
gap that still separates you in your thinking.


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