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Wooing an ex girlfriend, again.?

My girfriend and I dated for a year and a half. I had some minor health issues and had my first erectile dysfunction. Clingy kids and my schedule vs hers wasn’t helping things much, either. She broke up with me as her frustrations of my “lack of interest” in her. When as I see it the stuff she wanted most was sexual reassurance…I know I can take care of business with her on my schedule, everyday. But into late evening it is not so easy. (Testosterone is highest in morning when waking and wanes until one sleeps again).
Our mental and spiritual bond is top notch.
She gets two nights a week without her children. She works in many remote locations (peoples homes).
What would be some move or action I could perform to get her to know my attitude has shifted so much as to not hurt her a second time.
Please, any ideas for romance appreciated. I wish I had the money for a ring right now.
I need to woo this girl right back to wanting me back. She admits she likes my parts, but the whole doesn’t add up. This is where I changed. I was busy focusing too much on fixing my issues and not “us.” Lost forty lbs, have more energy, awake longer, etc.
Help please, I want some female input.


  1. you need to give her a bit of time. Keep talking to her constantly, but don’t be pushy. Build up trust with her. make SURE she knows that you would never hurt her again. once major trust is obtained, then tell her your deeper feelings like you wrote in this question. but make sure your trust and friendship is at its peak first.

  2. Arrange an accidental meeting and let her see your fine self looking how you do now. Your probablly glowing and this will make her want you back

  3. prove to her in many ways u are the same person but in a better and advanced way of urself…..
    do romantic things like sending bouqet of flowers to be delivered and then one day just sit her down to a romantic dinner without asking expecting to sleep with ehr and talk …
    its all in the communication…so she knows ur side ahd u know her side.

  4. I think there is more reasons for the break up than just sexual reassurance. Maybe she felt like you did not care enough about working on the relationship than your problem and decided to end things.
    If you want her back, your going have to do the work, call her first because she might be with someone else. Ask her if she would be willing to give you two another shot, if not at least you know. Then move on. If she is, then start wooing her again, sending flowers, leave her little love notes, maybe pop in and cook her dinner when she has the kids or bring dinner so she don’t have to cook. Have a song dedicated to her on her favorite station while shes in her car traveling when you know shes in her car. Just do the little things for her if she wants to try again. Yet you might not like this advice but you may have to try and get on her schedule and not be selfish an hope she gets on yours.


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