wont it be better if Israelites acknowledge at east this calm came down from THE ALMIGHTY CHRISE?

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it was not from white house ,or the lobey from congressmen,or a lucky chance as he world shifted it’s attentions towards (irag).personaly prefer them (the prists to the nations) and that was THE ALMIGHTY’S plan for the people of israel to be his preachers and wittness to his (GOD) plans for whole hummanity ,and now as israel ”as many of whome GOD chose; are denying that THE CHRISE ALMIGHTY has already came ,and not as a ruler but as a rabbi ”,but his ALMIGHTY second coming will be his last coming to judge the world and put an end to the serpent who corrupted GOD porposes with israel (the people),and included the most (spiritual israel ) as GOD warned them by taking away the blessings which promised by HIM THE ALMIGHTY GOD in the book of witness (the holly torra) for not carrying out his good news of him taking forme of a man (CHRISE)and to save human from the serpents opressions.that old serpent has almost succeded to to prove to israel blood of chrise was done away with?wake up !.

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I suppose Chrise = Christ. I would say that I agree with you partly.
I am a Jewish believer in Christ.
You need to work on your grammar a little. (smiling)


What’s the almighty Chrise? Are you starting a new religion? Good for you! I think you need to use spell check before you write your holy book!

kevin b

put down the glass of vodka you have it perfectly backwards


just looking at all your bla bla bla…
remember, if the Messiah will ever appear, all Jews will come back, but NOT all gentiles will see Kingdom.
NEVER forget that.

Heather K

that may be how you see it but that’s not how the Jews see it. try looking at it from more than one direction rather than being closed-minded


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