witnessed a reiki treatment and now I am shaking?

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I am taking a class on alternative methods of healing, and today I witnessed someone receive a reiki treatment while learning how to pass energy and “chi” to others as well. I felt great at the time, but when I came home I was exhausted. I fell asleep and when I woke up, I was shaking terribly-my teeth were chattering, my hands were shaking, I could even feel muscle spasms/convulsions in my legs. Does this mean something bad? I’m afraid that means something is wrong with me!

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Gary Y

Whatever it is, it has nothing to do with the Reiki, which is complete pseudoscientific nonsense. There is not one shred of evidence or plausibility for ‘chi’ and I can assure you that special people cannot not manipulate undetectable healing ‘energy’. Did your teacher tell you the true science? Were you not told that Reiki has never been able to beat placebo in robust clinical trials? I’m sorry Lexi but I think you’re being scammed.
From Wiki:
“Claims for Reiki energy have no known theoretical or biophysical basis.[104][4]
A 2008 systematic review of randomised clinical trials assessing the evidence basis of Reiki concluded that efficacy had not been demonstrated for any condition.[4]”
You may have a virus. If you get worse, see a doctor. A real one.
EDIT: @Katie, you said “Just because we cannot see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there”. This is an illogical argument from ignorance. You can say the same about invisible pink unicorns too. There is nothing in quantum or string theories that supports Reiki, you are invoking what’s known as quantum quackery. You need to at least provide a proper theory for the biophysical mechanism for Reiki. Which you can’t do; and the fact remains that Reiki cannot perform better than placebo.
EDIT: @Michelle, so I don’t know what I’m talking about? OK, which part of my answer is wrong and why? I’m willing to make corrections, but only on the provision of robust, peer-reviewed, scientific data.


Did you actually receive a treatment? I’m not sure why you would have had that kind of reaction simply by witnessing. Physical/emotional reactions to treatments are very common and your body will undergo a period of readjusting which is perfectly normal after receiving reiki. It should settle down soon. However if it doesn’t, don’t leave this to chance. If you really do not feel well, make an appointment to see your GP as soon as possible. It could be something else and you don’t want to let it continue. Don’t worry though – I’m sure you will be fine. Reiki can be ‘scientifically proven’ if people would just use their common sense and intelligence. Reiki works at the quantum level of being (which is hard for some doctors to grasp as they cannot see it under their microscopes). It has nothing to do with suggestion or the ‘placebo effect’ either as I was very sceptical before doing my reiki courses only to find myself pleasantly surprised at what I felt and experienced. I didn’t expect to feel anything but I did and it was unbelievable! (Have a look at string theory and read ‘Quantum Healing’ by Dr. Deepak Chopra for more information).


All you’ve experienced is some kind of associated hysteria. Reiki is nonsense, it’s pretty unbelievable to think there’s something that you can feel, but somehow the world’s most amazing scientists cannot detect with multi-billion dollar equipment.
We can see light years away and detect the energy of a light bulb on the moon, but we can’t detect this mysterious ‘energy’ when it’s right in front of us?
Total nonsense!

koko s

If you were practicing to pass chi to others then maybe you passed too much of your own chi, that doesn’t happen with Reiki, as you are only channeling energy and actually getting energized yourself in the process.
take care


It is unlikely that this is a response to observing a Reiki treatment. If it continues do see your doctor. It is possible as the other poster mentioned, that if you were passing your own chi rather than using Reiki that you depleted yourself or took something in from someone else. This does not happen with Reiki.
I hope you are feeling better. Please pay no attention to the skeptics. They really don’t know what they are talking about.


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