With the amazing possibilities that lucid dreaming offers, why would people even put up with real life?

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Seriously, what’s the point of being productive in the real world when lucid dreaming can provide an eternity of joy and happiness?
I knew about lucid dreaming before that stupid movie “Inception.” I am not one of those people who just saw it and are obsessed with it…I’m just wondering. Lucid dreaming is real but not to the extent which that movie portrays it.

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I’m not sure that what you’re describing actually exists. You do know that Inception was not based on a true story, right?

sweet p

your dreams can’t pay real life bills. am sure without bills we all will be dreaming

Tempus Erus

from a tibetan buddhist perspective life is but a dream in itself/it is and isnt long explanation. i have lucid dreams i love the spiritual part, but i have dreams most them involving me wrestling with negative imaginery so i prefer real life even if y life is painful.


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