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With the amazing possibilities that lucid dreaming offers, why would people even put up with real life?

Seriously, what’s the point of being productive in the real world when lucid dreaming can provide an eternity of joy and happiness?
I knew about lucid dreaming before that stupid movie “Inception.” I am not one of those people who just saw it and are obsessed with it…I’m just wondering. Lucid dreaming is real but not to the extent which that movie portrays it.


  • from a tibetan buddhist perspective life is but a dream in itself/it is and isnt long explanation. i have lucid dreams i love the spiritual part, but i have dreams most them involving me wrestling with negative imaginery so i prefer real life even if y life is painful.

  • I’m not sure that what you’re describing actually exists. You do know that Inception was not based on a true story, right?

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