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With immediate manifestation resulting from your consciousness, what would your world be like?

By “world” I suggest your actual direct experience.


  1. It would be without a democracy where 51% enslaves 49% to do their will. It is without religion and people act on their good conscience instead of promise of eternal reward for watching others suffer.

  2. It would be the same as my definition of heaven which would bascially be like a holodeck where all of my wishes come true. The holodeck concept isolates things so I can experience my wishes without actually affecting anyone else.

  3. Very mellow, and perpetually autumn.
    Lots of acoustic guitar.
    Everyone would be wearing pea coats and scarves and jam to folk bands at political activist meetings and drink warm apple cider.

  4. Not to bad at all. However there are still some of my old concepts still expressing themselves through people. So that tells me they are not completely burnt up yet.

  5. lol We have already begun to find out. Be careful what you wish for. I’m having instant manifestation these days in many things.

  6. You get what you concentrate on, there is no other rule.
    Choose your thoughts with discrimination and finesse.
    Some will instantly create Hell.
    Some will instantly create Heaven.

  7. Joy !!!! Everyone and everything would resonate with the joyfulness of Love. i am not speaking of mundane love, but of the shared and recpirocal Love that streams into and through Life Universal. All beings would be awakened to and operating from the Life Force Gift that flows without boundaries into and through each one, joyfully expressing from this shared union for the benefit of all. No thought or action would create suffering or anguish, for any possibility of these would be once and for all extinguished. The essence of each living thing would function in perfect and delightful “conscious service” to every “other,” knowing fully their shared oneness….and in this selfless service, our joy and rapture would fulfill the greatest possibilities imaginable as Source infinitely moves in expanding rings of ever higher, ever greater expressions of BEING.
    As to specifics (what i think you are asking), my imagination is incapable of visioning…for anything i might think of is already limited. The possibilities are boundless. The best i can do is to become and remain an open channel through which Source can express…without the impediment of my “choosing” ego…for in this empty state i cannot prevent the “best of all worlds.” Even this wording seems somehow “magical thinking,” based on sensory understanding.
    i only know that there is a place within me that “knows” (in the sense of my original nature)…and it vibrates with a resonant splendor in memory of Existence/Source/Oneness. And to THAT i joyfully and humbly “surrender.” So Be It…
    i am Sirius

  8. we would all recognize each other as brothers and sisters in the journey. we will acknowledge our purpose and assist others in realizing theirs’. there would be understanding, and tolerance, and acceptance. there would be a direct constant connection to source energy, and just living will be enough. food would be plentiful and healthy and always ripe. we will learn the importance of work, in effort to reap the harvest of what we sew. we will rejoice in the bounty of our collective effort. and music will be forever playing, live and nearby, for all to enjoy.


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