With all the interest in Parapsychology. Why do so few Colleges and Universities offer courses?





They are in it for profit and it seems like if they offered them they would come.


  1. Colleges typically offer courses in real fields of study, not fake “balle”, and there’s no real evidence that parapsychology is a real subject.

  2. You can see by prior answers that not many are interested in paranormal
    Dr J.B. Rhine started a program at Duke University in 1926. It was
    pretty well known and many books have been published about their work.
    His wife, Louisa, worked there and published also. Pretty dry stuff.
    Other colleges have reincarnation studies, NDE and maybe OBE also.
    But what degree will you receive and what will you do with it? Where
    will you get a job with that training?
    When Dr Fred Dommeyer was dean of Philosophy department
    at San Jose State, He spent his spare time for 20 years investigating
    medium ship. Don’t know if he published.

  3. The fundamental mandate of higher education is to enrich students’ lives by facilitating learning. Not just make a buck by charging for courses on spoon-bending and reality TV shows.

  4. they could teach a history of Parapsych.
    But by college/university standards, the rules and circumstances are not clear enough to teach.
    however, i did takes classes in parapsych at Florida state that were held at night – they weren’t part of the regular curriculum, but as you suggest, classes people were interested in taking.

  5. A course in how to make money from the paranormal industry could be feasible.
    You could study
    -how to do cold reading
    -setting up a psychic hot line
    -selling ghost hunting equipment
    -writing a non fiction book on a fictitious New Age topic
    -what tarot card customers really want to hear
    – marketing sage and crystals
    -energy healing and other placebos

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