Witches, Wiccans, Pagans What do you use as your Book of Shadows?

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I ask this because i FINALLY found a book bound in green leather (Which is what “The Tree” says Seax-Wican should use).
Mine is a simple Three ringed Binder bound in Green Leather, whats yours?
Well ‘Heathen Daughter’ since a Book of Shadows is supposed to be a journal then yours counts too 🙂

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my own poetry, mixed with a few herbs and spices


Wicca for dummies. Got it on Ebay.

~Heathen Daughter~

Heathens generally don’t have a Book of Shadows.
I do keep a journal about my journey through my faith. It’s a green leather book with Nordic dragons and knots on it. I write in purple sparkle ink. *G* I’m such a girl


We created our own cover for ours.


My hard drive actually. This is the 21st century, and I’m bone idle.

bearded dragon

what ever works for you
mine is home made !
the cover is i cheated and bought the paper 😉
don’t let people tell you what is right or wrong find your own path and be yourself


A black cloth bound book from the bargain section of Borders. I’m addicted to those, I give them to people as gifts, use them for other things, etc. But I’m a writer so I guess it’s okay.

El Jefe

Harry potter and the chamber of secrets.
It helped me to keep those damn nargels away.

tawaen, Incarnatrix of Evil

Mine is on my computer. 😛
But my other, handwritten pages are kept in a wooden box. No order to them, and it’s certainly not all about paganism! Any thoughts I want to keep for a while, I stow in there.


I dont follow it but i would like the idea of anything leather. Theres a strange ancient-ness with leather that is appealing .


Just notes on what magickal and meditative things I’ve done, and I later check them to see what has worked and what hasn’t. It’s not pretty, or well designed, but it works for me.

Bowling J

are you like a Santeria? man, that San Miguel thing is CRAZY!
aunt Olga turned into a dog, or some crazy s***, doin that crazy stuff!


lol- mine is a folder from a hotel in paris! LOL
**hangs head in shame**
it works for me. i have many loose leafs sheets of paper.


I’m lazy I’m afraid, I use my PC to record everything. I can type faster than I can write so it’s easier for me.
Plus, as I’m a Hedge Witch there’s no hard and fast rules about how I do anything – which it how I like it. LOL


My friend’s husband made me one for Yule. Its an oak book with a large butterfly engraved on its cover and a large binder ring to hold the pages I add to it. Its absolutely beautiful.


Never mind what “The Tree, Seax Wiccan” says you should use. That book is as much Saxon based as Mickey Mouse is the national emblem of lower Slobovia. It’s an embarrassment to anything Wiccan.
Your book of shadows, should you choose to have one, should be of YOUR OWN choosing and creation. Not based on somebodies say so.
So, go on. Turn on your imagination….fuel it by looking at all in nature. Themn, when you feel that buzz. Hit the blue print board and then conjure up from that your true book of shadows.
Oh, and how I know “The Tree” is an embarrassment to anything Wiccan, is because I walk in the Saxon way. And “The Tree” is riddled with errors and inacuracies.


Spiral notebook. I’ve also got a leatherbound book that was theorectically going to be my more formal book, but I never got around to filling in more than a few pages.
If you’re following the directions in a book, just be sure you understand the reason why it directs you to do such. Just the fact that your journal is green doesn’t make your work more or less right.

Enchanted Gypsy

If you are Seax-Wican then that book may work for you. But since I have been practicing for over 40 years mine started out in a plain old notebook. nothing flashy or had the looks of something ancient. But once I got my first computer I had been keeping them in that computer with a paper back up in case something happened to my computer (thankfully nothing did). But since I upgraded I now keep it on a jump drive to protect it from prying eyes and possible computer crashes.
So as you can see, there is nothing wrong with simple. That is unless you are trying to impress others. Use whatever feel right to you. That is what is important.


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