Witches, Wiccans and Magicians, I have a question?

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Is the “Etheric Plane” the same as the “Astral Plane”???
This has an explination of the etheric plane if you want to check it out — http://davensjournal.com/index.htm?APotI.xhtml&2
To me it seems to be the same thing, but I would like your thoguhts on this matter.

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That would depend on who you ask.
Most consider them synonomous.


Yes, they are the same thing. “Etheric” was a more common word for it during the Golden Age of the Victorian occult revival. “Astral” became more popular with the newer breed of occultists in the 60’s.

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The Etheric is more like the delicate division between the first plane (physical) and the second (astral).
In A Witches Bible the Farrars have an excellent chart of all seven planes, this webpage is theirs and it gives the exact same thing: http://www.wicca.utvinternet.com/aura.htm


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