Home Discussion Forum Witches: whats your favorite type of magick?

Witches: whats your favorite type of magick?

Candle Magick, Earth/Herb Magick, or what?
Do you tend to be more Ceremonial in your practice or what?


  1. I am fond of weather magic…using the different winds. I have no favorites and at different times I am drawn to different things. Normally I just utilize what is on hand.

  2. answer: Rune magick. I’m not a witch and that’s about as close to magic as I get these days. Utilizing runes, the individual energies of specific ones and working to direct that energy towards a goal = magic.

  3. Tarot Magick, It Can Be As Simple As You’d Like Or As Diverse As You’d Like. Also It’s Fun Because Say After A Negative Reading If You Want To Change A Few Of Those Thing’s You’ve Read You Can! That’s Just My Opinion.

  4. Herb is by far my favorite, but I still use a bit of candle magic. Both, I suppose, are our need to ground in the physical world, unnecessary. The magic is everywhere, and that includes within. Our skill is the ability to direct.


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