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Witches . . . making a wand?

I’ve never made a wand before, nor any magickal tool for that matter, and I am stumped at how to put the crystal point at the end. I’m using a Willow branch I found and it’s pretty thin at one point. I wanted to just hot glue the crystal point at the thiner point,but its too small. >.< I dont really want to se the other end, though I will if I have to, and I was wondering if there was another way to do this . . . ^u^ And please, only serious aanswers


  1. you could try looking for a branch that has a 3 or 4 pronged claw-like end.
    i used a large branch with a 5 pronged claw-like end to hold a skull when i made my staff. (it was insanely hard to find)
    p.s. im not a witch, im a necromancer

  2. It is the right time of the year to find a very young willow shoot and dig it up root and all. The root should have three or four smaller roots on it. Strip the bark if that is what you want, but do not disturb the root end. If you want to clean the root end out, soak it in a pail of water for a day or two and swish the dirt out, then WHILE IT IS STILL GREEN AND WET, wrap you crystal in the roots, then tie the small roots securely around the crystal using string or stips of cloth. Now let this dry for a few weeks, then remove the bindings and the roots should hold the crystal in place. If the crystal is loose, just squeeze a little hot glue or super glue around and under the stone. I have also done this with larger saplings and made staffs of walking sticks with larger crystals or gem stone in the root or claw end. This really makes a very unusual wand or staff and it is also a fun project. Trouble is everyone else will want you to make them one too, or at least that is what happens when I turn up with a new one at Full Moon Circle.

  3. Willow is easy to work with. You can soak the smaller end in water until it is pliable, then split the end with a clean, sharp blade. After you have secured your magickal crystal in the arms of the bough take a piece of leather or twine to secure your piece to the wood. I would not use glue.

  4. Oh come on, only serious answers? I was going to suggest to use sticky resin, a natural, organic super sticky substance.

  5. The best types of branch to make a wand that includes a gemstone would be one that is uniform in size, that way it’s easier to place the crystal on the point.
    Im not sure how you would place the crystal point on a narrower ended branch. Sorry im not of more help.

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