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Witches- is rain water a good method for cleansing quartz crystal and amethyst?

I have never used this method. Does it work well? And if so should I add some salt to the water? Also, should I leave the crystals outside during the storm? I have heard that is good to do because of the strong energy.
Well I just got these two so I am cleansing them before using them and it just happens to be raining at my house so I though I might try it. 🙂


  1. You do not want to soak crystals in salt water. Rain water is great as is sunlight, moonlight, holding your crystal with the intention of cleansing it. Breathing on them, mostly it depends on what the crystal is used for. The salt water can damage the crystal. I sometimes wash my stones in mugwort tea. Mugwort is supposed to stimulate psychic abilities. You can also program your crystal to be self cleansing. I still lay my crystals outdoors in the moonlight on the Sabbaths to pick up the energy. If you want to harness storm energy be aware that storms can be unpredictable. Nature magic is something you need to develop a relationship with. The deva of the plants and stones can be a little chaotic if you don’t understand them. Good luck. Follow your intuition.
    Blessed be.

  2. You can collect the rain water and use it but do not leave the stones outside during the storm because they will pick up influences from the storm energy.
    Another way to cleanse crystals is to wash them in a running stream. You can also bury them for a couple of days to discharge any mixed energies they may have picked up (do this especially with crystals and stones you have just bought).

  3. Rain water is good to use as part of cleansing, do not add salt to the water though.
    Do it this way.
    Hand wash and hand dry with a towel, then place in a small container and cover with Sea Salt for 72 hours then remove and charge it to the corresponding chakra.

  4. yes you add salt to the water when clearing energies from crystals the best method is under moonlight. however if there is no moon and you want to use the stone you can either use water or pass it through a flame. small bowl about 20cms one teaspoon salt although if someone negative has touched your stones add sprinkle of black pepper. email me if u want more info.

  5. I done a triple cleansing I took my luck and protection crystals to a accent volcanic shore line away from any population in Ireland soak them for one hour in the sea water surrounded by basalt rock to gain the cleansing energy from mother earth them after that I let them dry on top of the old lava rocks in the sun felt beautiful power coming from them. Then step two I put them in my rock sack because rain was forecasted the next day done that and there aura was shining from the rain hitting them then final step three hot steam from the shower in this I chanted to the universe to reprogram them for bringing of luck love and protection done this number of times I find the energy to be very high when I start wearing again it’s most beautiful balanced energy I ever got it’s hard to decride but best way it gives you this deep inner piece. To me this is best way of cleansing and recharging your crystals and stones rather than the single charging method which I tried which I got results from but not as strong my triple method. I self tot my self to tune into nature without any guidance from anyone else so I never influenced by others which nature wants to do with love and piece in my heart maybe because the time I was born at were Cancer was about to go into Leo so I ended with both these star signs was in my birthday and influenced me were I was growing up I felt and seen changes magnetic fields and changes in the atmosphere and could feel and see energy stones and crystals admit and water more so in a misty foggy day it is amazing it’s a gift from God something I keep to myself because people think your nuts.


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