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witches is magic real?and can a ritual help bring things into your life?

hello,can anyone tell me if casting a spell can ever have results like to change your life for the better?i mean i have read the book the secret and people swear by it but i had no success with it.
alot of people say that magic dosent exist and doing a spell is pointless,on ebay i have checked feedback of witches who do spell work and alot of people say things happened and they have worked they got what they wanted so is magic real?and how do you cast a successful spell? thanks for your help


  1. Magic is as real as you believe it is, just like prayer is as effective as you believe it to be. As for the spell casting, I would suggest finding a specialized shop in your town/city and asking there. There is only so much that be be told in a forum type environment (which this is not) and only so much you can learn from books (but they are a better starting point).

  2. Magic is not real. People who think they have “powers” always lose them in under controlled conditions. If magic worked, we would all be using it.

  3. All the above answers are from people who have no experience….do not believe them, or you will turn into a side road.
    I used to be a part time ham sandwich and cast iron gate until a witch came into our eatery, through me, and turned me into a bicycle. Now I am am Andelusian* knitting machine thanks to Arturo de Granadium who is the great Wizard of Barcelona.
    * (The “s” in Andelusian is pronounced “th”. Failure to do this will turn you into a custard.)

  4. Are you praising Magic? You do know that such acts are banned under death, this time I turn a blind eye but if our paths cross again and you are still doing magic I will have no choice but to turn you in

  5. Magic is not real. Spells and rituals do not work. In some countries where most of the population truly believe in spells then they do have appeared to have worked over the centuries. But that’s the power that ‘thought’ had. It was only the negative things that happened.
    Try the power of positive thought, now that truly does work, if others sense you are positive then only good can ever come of that. The same goes for negative thoughts, you get nothing back but bad luck.

  6. I have always had great success with both spell casting and the method “the secret” tells. Both are essentially the same, spell casting is a physical way for us to focus our thoughts and will, and the book “the secret” tells us to do the same thing. Spell casting is not like Harry potter where things are instant, they take continued attention and work to keep up the correct frame of mind.
    Continue to practise and you will start to see things change.

  7. I am 48 years old and have been a Wiccan Witch for 29 years. My old car finally died and I could not afford another, so I cast a very special spell asking for a good car and I was given for free a 2009 Ford Fusion hybrid, and it was even my favorite color.
    I am going to preform the same spell and ask for more work for my wife who designs houses, and does 3D renderings.
    Unfortunatly some children in YA thinks that they can just say they are a Witch and that make it so, but that is far from the truth. It takes years or study, and practice to learn about Witchcraft. And just because some people do not believe in something does not make it real.
    Maybe it did not work for you for different reasons, but that again does not mean it is not real. When I was a young boy I use to dream I could run into the wind with my arms out and be able to fly, and in real life that is true, but today I am also a pilot of airplanes.

  8. I know Witchcraft can change lives for the better,but i think expecting to just start casting ‘spells’ out of nowhere, and get the results you speak of is a bit daft to be honest. If you want success at something you need to work at it consistently until you see results..and you also need to take a look at the bigger picture, you have addressed your question to Witches, and i am a Witch,so i am trying to present you with a balanced View. spell craft is one part only of what i do, ritual is something else again, and i don’t recommend you buy a spell from someone on ebay either, because these people are selling themselves short, as well as ripping you of, people do buy into that whole ‘power seller’ Witch nonsense, don’t be one of them. There are many ways to change your life for the better, and i am not saying a spell is not one of them, just suggesting you look more closely at what you want, and the ways you could perhaps get it through your own means, and the knowledge and skills you might already have.


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