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Witches I need your help?

My friend seems to have got involved with a succubus, he has now even let her move in his place. I thought about salting the entrance to his house like on supernatural, but if this does not work has anyone got any herbs or spells that might do the trick. His life is at stake here, cheers.
You could tell me how to use them
All his friends that have met her know she is pue evil.


  1. a succubus?! idk waht that means but just tell him..u don’t need spells…like u would know how to use them….

  2. Here’s the thing. You can’t purify someone else’s house without their permission. if you seal it with salt, you’ll seal her in, rather than out. You could get a besom, but that will only work if she’s not moved in completely yet. Basically, from my understanding, any house protection or personal protection spells and whatnot that encompass a house encompass everyone living there. If she’s living there, it includes her. It certainly would not ward her off. There are several wardings available, but they won’t do any good once she has completely moved in.

  3. i am not witch but i have symbol that break spells cause this symbol is biblical and it is the belief in the power of the resurection of christ.i have the print copy in my e-mail at aqruipnos888@yahoo.com.itmay help you and your friend to face the attack of your enemies!if you want,just send me your e-mail and i will send you the copy!o THEOS sas prostatevei!

  4. I have never heard of a succubus. But again people have already said that you can’t do anything against your friends permission. All you can do is warn him, and he might come around.
    Ok, I just looked up succubus, for all of those who don’t know its a demon that takes the form of a beautiful woman.
    What I would really be interested in knowing is how you know that she is?

  5. If he let her move in, then this is his choice. Are you talking about a real sex-demon or a real girlfriend who is sucking the life out of him? Either way, if you are really concerned, tell him you think he is screwing up his life. That is really all you can do.
    If you really want a spell, I suggest getting a yellow candle and pray for your friend to obtain wisdom. This spell will be most effective during a waxing moon and on a Wednesday evening. You can use lavendar incense if you like as well. Email me if you really want more information.

  6. apparently red brick dust sprinkled sparingly around doorways and other points of entry should barr any unwelcome approaches ! good luck with this.just dont mention it to too many or the potency will be weakened.

  7. Is your friend showing typical signs of contact with a succubus?
    Is he getting extremely tired, warn out, perhaps even a little slow or older looking? If so I’d say look up every reference you can about the succubus, might sound cheesy but knowledge is power.
    If not, she could just be a raging b***h, those have been known to exist as well.

  8. cross, holy water ,latin translator thingy and start translating away a spell in latin greek and herbrew and in english in case it dont understand it will soon get the message

  9. She sounds more like a physic vampire to me. Look into dealing with one of those and see if there is anything that can help. But if he has chosen to let her into his life no matter what she is then I’m afraid that it is up to him to get rid of her. Good luck to you and to him.

  10. Mrs Badgrumbles…can you read????
    [quote]You can’t purify someone else’s house without their permission [quote]

  11. Just so you know, if she is truely a Succubus, she is not “evil” and his life is not in danger. If she is truely a succubus he is actually fairly safe. Why wuold she destroy her food source. Demons are not necessarily evil, they just are. In fact, the energy she takes from him will be nearly completely replaced by sleeping. If she is evil, then that is another matter, but one does not guarantee the other. What makes you think she is a succubus? This is a very rare type of creature and they normally will not show themselves or physically contact their food source.

  12. Cast a circle completely around his house. Just don’t forget it’s there. You have to keep it in your mind. St John’s Wort might not be a bad thing to have on hand, either.

  13. If you’re serious, then try talking to a local church preacher or minister, and ask for help. They can perform an exorcism, and expel any demonic entities from the house. And tell your friend not to mess with the occult anymore.

  14. There not necessarily evil… but if this one is your going to have to convince him first.
    As long as he wants her there it’s going to be VERY hard to get rid of her…
    You have to get him to want to get rid of her first…….. otherwise your going to need some one who works with ‘black’ magic….

  15. Hi Sweetie,
    If yoursure she is indeed a succubus and not just a B*****, then you will need to protect your friend and bind the succubus. Wiccans believe you need to have permission to such things but you don’t.
    If it is possible get something personal of your friends, hairor nails or, freshly worn underwear.
    Place in a circle of salt and say protection spells over it, seal it in a jar and bury it somewhere safe.
    To bind the succubus, again you will a personal object of the womans.
    you will need a simple ziplock bag, a pinch of salt and water.
    Say the womans name while holding the personal item.
    Put water in the bag and the salt and bless as holy water, drop the item into the bag and say :
    ______I bind thee.
    repeat 3 times and seal the bag, place in the freezer.
    If you would like I have other suggestions too,

  16. Ya need a quart of yogurt, oh right this is a British sight, a litre of yogurt and fourteen feet…er damn this EU stuff…five metres that is of sausage casings and then lay the yogurt stuffed sausage casings in a circular pattern in the path of the evil succubus. No real succubus can resist such a tempting offering but beware of homosexuals, they like this sort of thing too. Once the succubus has consumed the yogurt stuffed sausage her ability to consume your friend will be broken. No need for thanks, knowing that I’ve helped is enough for me. Tally Ho!

  17. that doesn’t sound like a succubus, they are a demon sent by the devil to mate with mortal men(umm while they are asleep with out them knowing) so he has to know about her she doesn’t sound like a succubus but if you believe so try to exrosize her. some say that succubus are nethier male or female and can become either a succubus or an dincubus depending on who the person is male or female . try touching her with something made of iron or something made with silver because those metals are said to either burn, drive away or break spells from anything from the dark that is evil good luck with your demon problem, oh yeah I forgot lilith is suppose to be th e queen of the succubus and try looking stuff up about her ha ha

  18. I agree 100% with Prairie Crone. I believe your friend is dealing with a psychic vampire. A Succubus (female) or Incubus (male) is a demon, not a person in the flesh. They come to you in the night and have intercourse with a victim while they are sleeping. A psychic vampire is a person who’s energy field is weak and they feed off your energy field. This person will drain you of emotional and physical energy. Sometimes they leave you feeling, not only weak, but sometimes sick (ie – headaches, tummy-aches, etc). They will arrive in a lousy mood or whatever and by the time they leave you, they will be feeling better and you will be feeling exhausted. Most are not aware they do this.
    My suggestion is for your friend to learn how to shield himself from these attacks. He can visualize himself wrapped in a white light or in a bubble that is so strong that her attacks will not penetrate its surface. He can also learn how to cleanse his aura after she leaves. He can try smudging with sage or another cleansing/purification incense.

  19. Assuming you know what a succubus really is, it is unethical and pointless using magic on your friend if he is entranced with this lady.
    Whilst your instinct to protect your friend is admirable maybe he is enjoying being sucked dry by this creature.
    If you wish to dabble with the occult do so to to improve and empower your own life. Leave others to their own devices. If you want to be his friend wait for him to come to you.
    Blessed be.

  20. Interesting, a succubus rarely makes herself known to anyone especially to those who would put her energy source in jeopardy HOWEVER if you and your friends believe that this is what you are dealing with, please keep in mind that with no where else to go, she may manifest in some other way or even to one of you. To make it easier on yourselves, you must provide her with some other type of sacrifice on your part that is more appealing to her than what she has now. Don’t know that a “spell” or “herbs” are all that useful and if you have no magical beliefs than you may not be as effective at protecting yourselves and conveying your wishes. Seriously, consult someone local to help you with this or you know, bring him beer and food once in awhile so he can keep up his strength and live to fight another day. For the most part, a succubus, while seemingly lazy is always in pursuit of BETTER sources. Offer that and your dreams may all come true….confused young men are easy easy prey

  21. you dont know what to do and you want advice on a how to basis? your out of your league.
    any advice that could be given to you is going to put in for some big problems – ones you cant handle and ones that you probably wont notice or understand till its too late- advise him as a firend and hope he learns and walks away (which is in his power to do, and will bring it to an end)


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