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Witches: How do you banish negative energy in your home?

Do you have your own ritual/spell? Please share!
I don’t mean “evil spirits” and such.
I mean negative energy. Also what do you do to STOP negative energy from coming in to your house?


  1. To banish negative energy… are you doing it for the whole house, or just a particular room for a ritual? In either case, purifying the area with salt water and incense smoke, and also possibly with the ringing of a bell, works quite effectively.
    To stop negative energy from coming in, your best bet is to set up wards all around your property. Do a Google search for “warding” and “warding home” and that might turn up some links that will be useful to you.
    If you have any further questions, feel free to email me and I’ll see what I can do to help.

  2. For bannishing, I perform a bannishing. LOL, cast your circle and work what you need.
    To protect your home, Nail iron nails into the ground in a perimeter around your house. Let them serve as a psychic barrier. Work it girl! 😉

  3. I am no way a witch but Negative Forces and Mesima is a normal thing for most people. I say Burn Sage or Ceder They have a good way of chasing away the old or negative energy away. I uselly burn those at my alter and ask the 12 Immortal ones to clesen my House of evil or negative things including Mesima.
    Praise the Immortal ones

  4. My sister puts rock salt and sage in the 4 corners of the house while saying a cleansing prayer. She then puts a bucket of water at the front door with a knife in it. But that’s just her.

  5. Pray with all your love. If you believe in God, you will make your own miracles. It works. Pray in a loud voice in the house, walking through the ails, get in every room and call Jesus and God. Believe what you do as you pray.Nobody can do anything to you if God is there with you.

  6. I start by PHYSICALLY cleaning the house because that forms a basis for the RITUAL cleansing…..
    I think that the practice of “spring cleaning” may have it’s origins in this……

  7. I am not a witch, so feel free to ignore what I say if you so choose, but I saw the question and just had to answer. I’m like that, always putting in my 2 cents worth…
    As far as getting rid of negative energy, I burn sage. Walk from room to room, making sure that the smoke goes throughout the room, maintaining a peaceful state of mind. Works for me, the energy in my place always feels cleaner afterwards.
    For keeping bad energy out to begin with, (this is something that I need to do yet, haven’t gotten around to it…, just keep burning my sage) in Indian households, there’s a tradition of hanging a strand of folded paper stars over the main entryway to the household, which is supposed to sweep all negative energy off of whoever enters the house, makes their thoughts and words pleasant while they’re in the house, etc…
    Hope that’s helpful.

  8. The most important things I do to keep negative energy out of my home are:
    (1) I keep work and home life geographically and psychologically separate – this has nothing to do with ritual, it’s plain common sense;
    (2) I ground every evening on the way home on the train;
    (3) I make a ritual cleansing at each virgin moon and full moon before casting a circle. There is nothing fancy about the way I do that … I pass the hoover, I pass a ritual broom, I burn sprigs of rosemary from the bush in the garden and I vocalise banishment of the unwanted energy from my house.

  9. i have the perfect ritual…i put negative polarities above all the doors so the negative enegy cant get in…why..two like poles will repell…also i dont believe in that crap so my house never has witch crap or negative vibes or evil spirits…keep a positive attitude and be happy…the evil thingys wont bother you..evil dont like happy-go-lucky people..they thrive on the down-trodden…you know..kick em when there down..beam me up merlin

  10. Showers usually do the trick. I keep a clean house & remove garbage daily. I also use RUBBING alcohol to clean & that seems to work out well. I no longer call myself a Witch because that is a negative word that can cause an imbalance. I simply am a small part of the world of living things & I do not exist. Get it? In other words, it’s simply a mind-set! Yes, you can laugh now.

  11. “Negative energy’ is a natural, its everywhere, just the other side of positive. Its when there is a BUILD UP or over abundance of either that can cause major problems.
    Other than someone CURSIN ya, the greatest creator of excess ‘negative energies’ would be ourselves. Every emotion or idea is an energy that radiates out from us.
    One common element in many pagani traditions is placing a reprentative form of a guardian or protector near your door, depending upon tradition…things like god forms, animal spirits, and/or ‘angel’ types to keep out the ‘forced in’ energies.
    Regular personal and house cleansings are also strongly suggested to keep the ‘balance’.
    Another area to check on for more info—look into Feng Shui. It the chinese art of arrangement. They have great insight on how even the things in our home create energy.
    One of my fav books is Sacred Space by Denise Linn. She covers alot of different traditions from around the world and how they deal with keeping a ‘sacred space’ within the home.
    I am alittle on the ‘nuts’ side, myself…hehehee I am the Lion Jester. One of my fav cleaning techniques is jamming to Madonna, her Immaculate Collection while house cleaning. The house gets physically cleaned and the positive vibe of the music and the emotions it creates within me are get to clean the ickies off the walls.


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