Witches… Have you made any provisions for the fate of your Book of Shadows for when you are gone beyond the ?





veil? Do you have any witches in your family who will see to it or do you have to find someone else to keep it or find it a home? Do you plan to have it buried or cremated with you? I need to make some decisions about mine and am wondering what others are doing.


  1. No I haven’t and it does concern me…
    More than anything I hate to think of my Tarot Cards being thrown in the bin, or given to Lifeline, and not being cared for. My BOS is my record of my path so far and highly personal, I couldn’t give it to any one else…

  2. My BoS is a four drawer file cabinet. The entire contents along with all my ‘witchy’ things will be passed on to the care of my coven. It is a lifetime of notes, rituals, spells, potions, chants, poems, invocations and MUCH more. I think of it as my legacy and my overall contribution to the wealth of knowledge that has been accumulating over the years. My hope is that some day it will find its way into a library devoted to the Craft.
    There is no point in us destroying our writings.

  3. Ms Crone, the tradition of having ones BOS destroyed upon the death of the Witch came about as a result of historical traditions. During the Burning Time, A Witch would want to destroy any writing that they may have done throughout their life in order to protect their family and coven from discovery. When Witchcraft was ressurected in the 50’s and 60’s the tradition was picked up again, mostly to protect Witches from the prying eyes of the disrespecting Non-Witches. As times have become much more tolerant the need for such secrecy has declined and additionally, the destruction of all those BOS’s has left NEW Witches having to constantly “re-invent” the wheel. Perhaps it IS time to do away with that old custom of destroying a Witches BOS upon death and a Witch should leave it to someone who will make good use of it and be able to pass it down to their succeeding generations. It is MY belief that it should be able to be treated exactly like the Old Family Bible and have included within it a geneology and history of the family, tribe, coven or personal thoughts. It should be held in reverence for the succeeding generations to see and be able to witness for themselves the progress that our beautiful Religion has made over the years.
    I would highly recomend that you make SUCH a provision for YOUR BOS. It should pass to a child or a close friend who practices the craft so that they can witness the course of YOUR development. Even if they wouldn’t be able to make use of it, perhaps they could pass on relevant information to those who COULD use the material. That way it would eliminate the need to constantly have to retrace pioneering footsteps which were already made by you.
    My BOS will hopefully be published at some point so that ANY Witch may make use of it who finds the material relevant to their practice.
    Brightest Blessings,
    Raji the Green Witch

  4. Since mine is on a tiny “jump drive” , it is easier for me to access what I am looking for, and even I can’t read my writing! I have asked that it be erased. I may change my mind at a later time tho, you never know. When I have gone my body is to be “donated” for scientific research because I have a fairly rare genetic disorder. Besides, I sure won’t need it! (the body or the book!)

  5. I have no book of shadows. The book I am writing is called, The Dividing of Time (A Book written by Luke). If it ever gets published, I hope it will be around for a while.

  6. I have already told my best friend of ten years that she is supposed to have it, along with all of my other “witchy” things. I trust her and we have practiced together.

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