Witches have you ever turned down a gift because it was given with too much negative energy attached?

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I have a sister in law who frankly doesn’t like me. She wants to give me a gift that just oozes negative energy and I am going to refuse it. I won’t accept her negative energy into my life. Accepting this gift with the energy attached is just also accepting the negative energy as well. She is being forced to give the gift by other family members.. it is not a gift she wants to give.

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you should go to this website use the forum
hope it helps
p.s. They’re not witches 😉

Wicked Warrior

I would tell her that she shouldn’t give what she doesn’t want to, a rotten olive branch is worse than none at all. Don’t tell her the negative energy bit or anything like that, she will be a jerk about it. Tell her that is she want to give you something, than let it be something that she wants to give of good intent, and love of family. If this is something she cannot do, than bid her to go in peace.


I thought there were purification spells in Wicca. Why not accept and purify? She doesn’t have to know about that part.

Raji the Green Witch

A gift given grudgingly is not a gift at all. However, in order to maintain SOME degree of peace in the family, accept the gift and pass it on to the local Goodwill or other such Charity. YOUR gift will cleanse it through the generosity of yourself and it will counteract any negativity that may linger on it. That way the next purchaser does NOT end up buying someone else’s negativity. You will have killed two birds with the same stone, you will have been gracious in receiving and generous and loving in passing it on to someone who may need it more than you do. If anyone mentions why they haven’t seen it, you just say that someone really liked it and you gave it to them (which wouldn’t be a lie).
Brightest Blessings,
Raji the Green Witch


My brother who is now doing well, used to get mentally ill & send me crazy letters. I put my foot down & told him I did not want mail from him. At first it hurt his feelings. I told him that if I went on vacation I did not want a lot of mail to come to my mail box. I didn’t want to tell people at the post office that I wasn’t home cause I didn’t trust them. So I took something that was true & turned it into an excuse as to why I did not want him sending me things. …I don’t know what kind of gift it is but I am a professional organizer & I can tell you most people do not need anymore clutter in their house. You can tell everyone you are now asking anyone who wants to give you anything to just donate something to their favorite charity.


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