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Witches: do you use Crystal Ball or Ouija/Spirit Board?

i know it is real
what do you think of it, is it dangerous? if yes, Why?
what else do you use?[tarot, etc?]
ok, i Apologise if someone got affended by the word “witch”
but i also feel sorry for a lot of ingnorant people that are here
interested what makes ME laugh?
i called someone ignorant, and the “someone” knew who i was talking about 😀
so you just prooved my point, thank you


  1. there is nothing dangerous about divination. no spirits do anything. it is just a guide for you to use your own intuition with. that is all.
    I use the elder furthark.
    which are runes

  2. if you want serious answers, start asking serious questions.
    none of that is real, it’s for superstitious people with overactive imaginations.

  3. I don’t use either. I do use tarot cards sometimes. I try not to rely on physical things. I try to get my answers inwardly. Blessed be.

  4. People might give better answers if you don’t call them “witches”. Most people wouldn’t like that. “Wiccans” is the more politically correct term.
    I’m not a Wiccan (though I do find Wicca utterly fascinating), but I use tarot cards regularly. No evil spirits are involved, just you. That’s why only you can use your own deck, and no one else can/should.
    EDIT: My apologies, Serena. I haven’t had my daily dose of caffeine, if you couldn’t tell xD

  5. I’m not a “witch” but I do use systems of divination. I would agree with the first answer that it allows people to get in touch with their intuition and what I refer to as “inner psyche”. I use tarot and sometimes ogham.
    One person mentioned that “Wicca is the politically correct term for witchcraft”. Actually, it’s not. Wicca is a religion, witchcraft is a practice. Those who practice witchcraft refer to themselves as “witches”.
    Add: there is no need to apologize. The correct term for people who practice witchcraft is “witch”. In fact if they were a witch and were not Wiccan, they’d probably be insulted if you called them “Wiccan”.

  6. I knew a man who messed with ouija board and soon hung himself. I’m not a witch, but wanted to tell you this.
    God himself told this person to get tarot cards out of my house and he made the person do it.
    I didn’t know the person had them, but the person told me later that God said to throw them in the trash.
    God was protecting my home.

  7. First off, for Danielle, Wicca and Witchcraft do NOT mean the same thing. You do not have to be Wicca to practice witchcraft. Just as you do not have to practice witchcraft to be Wicca. However, some do both. That being said, I have used both Tarot and a pendulum for divination and there is absolutely nothing evil with it, it just a tool.

  8. Not all witches are Wiccan (including me). I am a Pict, and we do not do much in the way of worship or ritual, a BIG part of our belief is divination. I do not use a Ouija board because I did have a bad experience with one. I have 2 crystal balls,, one very old deck of tarot cards, 2 sets of rune stones plus some things that I developed myself (no name for them) using runic & Pictish symbols.

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