Home Discussion Forum Witches are these stupid ways to perform magick?

Witches are these stupid ways to perform magick?

– Magick to conjure up hurricanes, They want it as strong as katrina.
-Make themselves sick, so they can stay out of school.
-make themselves popular.
– make it stop raining so they can go to the beach.
– a spell that something bad happened to the school, like burning it down or send terrorists. so they dont have to go.
These kids are really stupid arent they?


  1. These are kids who know little or nothing about magic. Only those ignorent or stupid would use it for their own means, and also to hurt others.
    Harm non, do what ye will

  2. Ridiculous! No true Wiccan would even consider casting spells like these. Tell your silly friends to leave things they don’t understand alone! They may conjure something that turns on them. Idiots.

  3. I see a lot of answers that assume witch=wicca. I’m not Wiccan, but I am a Witch, and yes, those are ridiculous and no matter how hard they try, it won’t happen.

  4. Fluffys…….
    They are supposed to harm none, but all of these do.
    They need to think before casting spells like these or it will come back to them times 3

  5. Well, magically speaking, they are harmless. In all my years, I have never met a teenager (and very adults) powerful enough to actually succeed with they type of spells you mention.
    However, they do sound like trouble makers and in a post-Columbine world, they need to be watched.

  6. They are stupid and ignorant! They have no clue to what they are doing and will have to suffer the karma that comes with their actions. It always comes back to you 3 fold.

  7. asking for stuff like that is like going to your boss and saying i dont want to work this week but i want to be paid. magick doesnt work like that. yeah i think its stupid.


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