Witches and Wiccans ONLY. Do you know any good books for beginners?

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I’m sorry to bother you all, but after I found out silver ravenwolf is a fraud who robs kids out of their money. After I found out shes an arrogant, hypocrite and bigoted witch(more like *****). I want to start over, in my past 3 years of practicing witchcraft, she was all I read, I respected and Idolize her, wanted to be like her. I copyed her stuff verbatim(Word-for-Word) In my book of shadows, her spells and ritual instructions, its almost full.
Do you guys know any teen witch books? Or maybe college student books? I read some of the books, like scott cunningham and I found them to be boring.(I’m sorry. According to others, hes really good, but I don’t understand why he’s a little bit boring). Silver’s writing is easy to read, she makes learning witchcraft more fun, and shes always gets to the point. I don’t know why I still like her writing. I want to start over, get Silver’s crap out of my head, but it’s way too hard.
Do you know any good books for teen witches?
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I’m going to be 18 in 3 more months, Yes, go ahead I know what you are all going to say. I need to “grow up”. I can’t help it, I’m closer and closer to being an adult but i think like a child.
If possible please tell me what books tell you about.
-Laws, Rules, Morality. I’m going out on my own, and I Don’t want to do embarass myself and look like an idiot in front of other witches or in a church.
-How to connect with the Gods. ( I feel like im not devoted enough to the Gods.)
-Anything that I need to know.
-Something I could show to my loved ones and tell them the real truth.
I don’t care about magick, I know how to use spells. I just never cast them anyway. But I’am looking for correspondences and stuff.
How do deal with life situations.
Since I copied all this kind of stuff from Silver Ravenwolf into my book of shadows, I’m not sure what to do with it, throw it out or keep it
what books do you recommend?.
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If you want try posting adult books.

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“Essential Wicca” is on my bedside table right now, and is turning out to be pretty good.


The best book you could read to learn about witchcraft is one that teaches you all about spider webs and how they work and how the spider gets its food, because that’s what witchcraft is like, a spider’s web.


Although I am not currently Wiccan, I started on my path to Hellenic Reconstructionism as a Wiccan.
Although it is considered by some to be a bit woman-biased, I recommend Starhawk’s “The Spiral Dance” as being very readable. I picked up my first copy when I was about 18 and there are still things in the tables of correspondences she includes that are useful.
I also recommend Raymond Buckland’s “Complete Book of Witchcraft”. It may be a little dry at first, but DOES include a lot of basics about the ritual practices and does also include some correspondences.
One book I would recommend that a lot of people might not would be “The Witches Quabala: The Pagan Path and the Tree of Life” by Ellen Cannon Reed. She includes examples where you may be able to establish correspondances which might not otherwise occur to you…
Keep your old BOS, just because Silver Ravenwolf included it does not mean that it is incorrect if you can find similar correspondences elsewhere….


Join a Teaching group or Coven when you turn 18. You will meet interesting people, and you will find out if Wicca is “too hard” for you. Teens usually need to learn the basics over, and move away from”I read a Book, and I know all this stuff already”.
Not everyone is accepted into Covens, and “spells” are only for advanced students who “understand” the “boring” parts.
Be Blessed-


Ann Moura
Edain Mc Coy
Raymond Buckland
these authors have been very helpful in my studies.


The best book I can recommend for beginners is
“True Magick :A Beginner’s Guide”, by Amber K.
Amber and I come from the same tradition, and I have been using theses techniques for close to ten years now.
This book is written in plain English, and very easy to read.
I would highly recommend this book to my own students, as it contains most of the requirements for your first degree.
The new revised edition of the book sells for about $13.00.
You may find the first edition for $6.00, or less.
I also agree that “The Spiral Dance,” and “The witches Qabalah” are excellent books, and are both considered to be somewhat “classic.”
But, they might be a little advanced for some people.
If you do get the book, and have any problems or questions, feel free to contact me.
Blessed Be!

Tori M

Merry meet. Scott Cunningham is a wonderful author. I recently acquired a book called “The Complete Idiots Guide to Paganism” the author is Carl McColman. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE OFFENSE TO THE TITLE! It is in no way geared for mentally challenged or meant to be insulting. It covers a little bit of everything, I have used it a lot for my friends.. I am often asked what I believe in, what it means to be Pagan and on and on.. after the conversation most of my friends want to learn more so that they can understand. This is the book that I hand them and it explains some of everything. I think this will tell you all that you have listed above, there *are* sample spells, however it teaches you to write your own as well. Grow up? Friend, we all are growing every day, it’s part of the path of life. Don’t be so down on you, there’s a whole world out there that can do that for you. Know thyself: Love thyself! I hope this is helpful, I really think this is a great book, and will be a good start, there is also a listing in the back for more books to read.. so you’ll have follow up information.
Blessings to you! Feel free to email me if you would like to talk, sounds like you need some backup, or a friend. Don’t throw away everything you’ve learned from Ravenwolf, though she has her issues, we all do, and a lot of the basis is written. My first books were Ravenwolf and Cunningham..so you’re on the right path. Blessed Mabon by the way! Hope your fall is full of growth and knowledge. Peace. Tori


okay…lets see. You say you know how to do spells, dont care about magick..and thought silver ravenwolf was *it*. Huh.
I am by christian terms a witch. (truly the tern would be a Priestess now). I am not wiccan, they are a modern day, gentle sort, but not my path. I am welsh, irish and scot by ancestory and follow that path; pre-christian, not anti-christian, though I have many reasons not to trust any who proclaim themselves as such..many are very…fanatical about their religion and can be dangerous.
I have taught those who wished to learn more about our ways for many years. I owned several witches supply shoppes, and still make my own incenses, oils, salts, powders and am an herbalist..of course. I cannot tell you how many people walked thru the shoppe doors seeking similar answers to yours. Which path they should walk, etc. I always tell them that number one; at one time, all people were pagan. It simply means people of the country, heathens are people of the heath, or hills. Christianity is the newest religion in the world..something that I am sure will upset them that I wrote, not that I care..I speak truths. If you wish to truly learn of the Old Path, you need to study, study, study. Not just one author, not just in books either. I quit taking on students because so many seemed to want to learn just enough to make themselves a danger to themselves and others around them. It is a big red flag to read that you know how to do spells, and dont care about magick. Then…why do you seek this path? Granted, its not like all we do is spellwork…in fact thats a very small part of what we do. But, magick is a natural part of our daily walk. It surrounds us. I tell my students to learn the ways of their own ancestors. It was very cool to be celtic for some time, might still be, not sure since I now live high up in the mountains in a very beautiful rural area where I am blessed with the sight of nature at Her best.
Scott Cunningham was a very, very good teacher, especially for those just learning the Craft of the Wise. I do not see how his books on the uses of herbs, or the encylopedia of magical herbs, or the spellbook; earth, air, fire,water can be called boring. I detest ravenwolf, though edain mccoy makes fun of those who buy her books..and ray bucklands “complete book of witchcraft” is a bunch of bs.
some say they do not practise, because they are scared. If it scares you, you have no business “playing”, though I do not see this as your issue. I would suggest Marion Weinsteins “Positive Magick” and “Earth Magick”, also all of Gerina Dunwiches books are excellent. I also require my students to read on background history, or…more like HERstory as well. books by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Not her old sci-fi books, but: “Mists of Avalon”, “Forest House”, “Firebrand”, Priestess of Avalon”…and Morgan Llewellyns books such as “The Bard”, “The Druid”, “The Horse Goddess”….also you might find Joan Wolfs book “daughter of the red deer” a good start, though that one you will need to haunt ebay to locate…(I think I remembered the name of that last one correctly, look by author name…its an excellent book).
as for your BOS (Book of Shadows), that should be atleast mainly your own words, not someone elses. Thats why the book is empty till you fill up the pages with the things you learned..and some of the lessons are what I call “clue by fours”..this is not Bewitched and we are not like Samantha..I cannot wiggle my nose and make things happen. However..I am a Crone Priestess and well..at this stage if I need to..I can take care of things as needed. Thats how it was, and how it is still for those who truly walk the old path. Online schools of witchery amaze me..I would never trust such a source, but you might want to bookmark http://www.witchvox.com and you will find much info there as well as contacts in your area. They are wonderful people, and good friends.
and..lastly? for the one who answered that you should look at spiders. blah, blah, blah…funny how I came in afterwards, with my nickname being Arachne, the spidery weaverwoman.
Because in truth, we do not seek to convert like christians do..we dont go door to door, we dont have to. The biggest conversion to witchery, is the catholics, especially the woman, mainly I think because they are so unhappy with the way woman are thought of…powerless…
oh, another book you might want to check out? Margaret George wrote one called Mary; Queen of the Scots. She gave birth to a son, who became King James…the last one to change that bible the christians use…real interesting reading…he is the one who put in there the thing about beating ones wife with a stick no thicker than a mans thumb (for her own good), and “thou shall not suffer a witch to live”…
cool part? though the christians think that they can be greedy, rude, inconsiderate, intolerant etc, etc cause they get forgiven each sunday? we know that we are each responsible for the things we do, that every thing we do will return threefold to us, so it pays to behave, and leave it to the elders to take care of bad business…I do though appreciate them ringing that bell when they are about to be turned loose for another week of treating others like *&^%….gives me time to walk to the house before any might head toward our home.
last thought? do not idolize anyone you dont even know, I dont care how good they can write. This is spirituality we are speaking of, not religion. Religion is a way to keep people on their knees in fear of their god. Spirituality is a path you create and fill with as much kindness, laughter, love and joy as you can, because as I said; everything you do, comes back to you threefold.
good luck to you, and Blessed Be.
Arachne of Harvest Moon Haven.


I encourage my beginning students to read Scott Cunningham, Anne Moura and my favorite, Edain McCoy. If you are looking for the spiritualist side of Paganism, Edain McCoy wrote an awesome book called “Celtic Women’s Spirituality”. Even men should read it.


This is an “adult” book. You might pick up a copy of “A Witches Bible Compleat” by Janet and Stewart Farrar. It has a very good glossary and an extensive bibliography and index. These in turn can help you decide what to research next.


How about “Riding the Right side of the broom” by Hem A. Roids Butts


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