Home Discussion Forum Witches and those who practise magic: Would you put your spells/rituals/etc online?

Witches and those who practise magic: Would you put your spells/rituals/etc online?

Why or why not?
Would you put some on?
Do you use your own, pre-written magic (high magic/kabbalistic/etc included), or a combination?
Does that influence your decision?
K– Please do not ask me to seek help when you are unable to spell.
Everyone else, if you do not have a serious answer to the question, please have enough respect to refrain from answering.


  1. Here’s one that’s worked like a charm, it goes like this:
    Or another one I really like:

  2. Hmm, well, I don’t think I would post my Rituals or Spells online, all of mine are highly personalized and wouldn’t be of use to anyone else. I do base somethings off of pre-written stuff, but it’s really general. So I guess a combination? Because it’s my own (and not because I don’t like sharing, I just want to be helpful) I don’t post my stuff online, unless I’m getting help from someone else 😀

  3. The spells I cast are personal and I write them as needed. Rituals are either original or have been taught to me by my coven. In either case, I would never post them online just as I don’t allow just anyone to read my BoS.

  4. No, because 1. those who don’t have the training could cause more harm than good. 2. I write my own, though I sometimes use the work of others as a template if I am having trouble creating the right spell. No, it doesn’t influence my decision. Besides, I very seldom mess with the spells themselves since it is not part of the spirituality end of my beliefs. I do perform rituals to honor the seasons, sabbets and espets. Hope this helps.

  5. No -they are personal, and as I write my own they have elements within them that would make them less special (and therefore less effective) to others.
    I occasionaly use elements of high magic because I really love studying that stuff but i find that it over complicates things that aren’t actually that complex…

  6. I probably wouldn’t write a transcript of my rituals/spells/etc., because they are personal to me. However, I would be up to discussing magick with another witch, as I have no problem writing an overview (like now) about my practice. I do try to write my own magick, although it is often simple, I have found it to be effective. I try to combine elements in the rituals I create, such as the practice of candle magick with a Satanic invocation. And don’t worry about the non-serious answers to your question, I got similar answers when I asked about sigil magick.

  7. I write my own spells specifically for the intended result. They are very personalized. I think they work better that way for me . I would not post them – I don’t think they would work as well for anyone else. Part of the whole “magik” thing is your own energy. I would offer suggestions if asked.

  8. I don’t post mine online. Mine are ones that I write myself and I find the ones you write on your own tend to be more effective than ones you get from other people (however, I have had success with ones that were written by others and have been told that ones I write are successful for those I wish to share them with). The internet isn’t a good place to share something that personal.
    I hope this helps. Blessed Be )0(

  9. Certain things I am ok with. Anything that requires ritual, invocations, wording, or actions unknown to most. Things that are done easily by everyone, I have no problem with.
    For example a lady recently asked for a way to help clear her house of negative energy. I told her to clean her house, it applies her energy to removing what she doesn’t want there. Then cut either an onion or a clove of garlic, and put a piece in each room to absorb and contain the negativity there. Growing plants and natural light help as well. This is easy, it can be done by anyone, and done by many (minus the onion or garlic) without realizing that it is working magic.
    Dance to the rhythm of Fire

  10. I don’t use spells, but I hope you don’t mind me answering anyways, as I am familiar with matters such as this (being a pagan).
    If I did use magic, I probably wouldn’t want to post online publicly. It wouldn’t be out of a desire to remain secretive, rather, a desire to avoid irritating hoards of people who are superficially interested in magic. These are the people that are most often attracted to magic on the internet, and having to deal with the sort would drive me crazy. And if I didn’t actually have to deal with them I would abhor the thought of all those people finding, not understanding, misinterpreting, and misusing what probably would have been a lot of hard work for me.
    I have no problem sharing ideas and information with people online, its just that I would rather pick and chose the people that I speak and share information with, rather than simply posting completely openly and publicly.

  11. nice little fundie fan club you have here, aing, congratulations.
    i don’t really plan out my spells in advance. they tend to work better spontaneously. sometimes i’ll do some research ahead of time, but i mostly wing it. i have described my spells in yahoo groups, tho, and i appreciate those who have provided their spells and rituals on-line.
    i don’t see any harm in posting information, and i don’t believe that a dilettante can do any damage by imitating something he doesn’t understand. the gods know when they’re being mocked and when somebody is insincere or unprepared and act accordingly.
    some are hung up on the ‘occult’ thing, and think that secrecy somehow gives something power. i don’t get that. mysteries have power because they require deep consideration, not because they’re secret.

  12. No.
    And its good to the “JPA” hard at work reporting answers that are negative towards pagans…. Funny how the anti-jewish stuff disappears immediately and yet the anti-pagan comments are allowed to stand.


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