Religion decreases in power and popularity in direct correlation with the increase of heathenism, the black arts and witchcraft.
The pro’s and con’s of this market trend towards the aforementioned and above…?
United States > New York > Local Bussiness < {was the suggested category, and I thought only I was privy to the conspiracy}


  1. hmm the end times? It is predicted in the Bible to happen this way.. ANd yes all those are becoming pronounced. Local NY Buisness? hm. maybe tagged words power direct correlation… etc? i dunno haha interesting.

  2. Witchcraft is an undeniable evil prevalent in backward cultures and tribal communities. It is destructive and dangerous. It rises in use through the ages fuelled by certain divisive social factors and culminates in a culling of all such devious destructive criminals when made to pay for their almost unevidenced crimes against innocents or their perceived foes.
    The witch coven downplay the power of spells and magikery in ruining the good fortune of otherwise happy fortunate people. Although seemingly unprovable, there are occultist devices able to track, similar to computer IP addresses the cause of any mental aggravation or ill fadedness. The era of witchcraft escalates until all users literally torment and destroy , and the means to defend oneself against such onslaughts whilst finding and punishing the culprits will ensure its quick demise as its eruption. One such virulent witch is destroyed by a far greater and more powerful Magi or sorcerer and the problem is eliminated.
    It is largely a peasant art popularised by the uncivilised tribes of poor countries who in migrating to these shores and given licence to practice have spread this evil as a cancer through good society and communities. It is rare to find any family or person prospering in the vicinity or areas where a witch dwells. Some are known to cause problems for others in order to offer cures, spells and witchcraft remedies to enhance their social status as benefactors. Cancer and many illnesses are caused by their spells.
    It will end God reliably informs me …

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