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witchcraft wicca spell how do you "ground"?

I am a self study pagan and have a problem by the word “grounding”.
I read but I still don’t understand.
From my readings, if you want to cast a spell, it is best that you start by grounding. Standing or sitting,visualise the energy coming from the mother earth through my feets.
Problem is I am living in a building (storey 7th), how do I visualise that?
That the energy from the mother earth flows through the cement building N fills me by the floor i am standin/sittin?
I don’t do spells outdoor.I don know any undisturbed places in my country.
And is it a MUST to do “grounding” again after casting a spell?(to return leftover or unused energy to the mother earth)
This “grounding” thing is getting on my nerves.I feel really stupid not knowin how to do it properly.But I have no problems visualise gettin powers from the sun or moon becos’ it makes more sense with e visualise. Standin up N facin e Sun/Moon N visualise.
Anyway,how do you guys do “grounding”?
For those of you who don’t believe in magick, reilgion, two words for you BUZZ OFF!
Learning magick, having faith in something doesn’t mean I don hav a social life. Throwin awuful remarks on strangers?! You are the 1’s who should get a social and REAL life.


  1. U should ask yo animal friends and da wind fo guidance. Maybe next time u be knockin hooves wid dat goat or be gettin it in da poopoo hole wid a “tree botha” u can ask dem. I dont mean to insult a religion and all, but Wickins are total gay and u ain’t eva gonna be lik dows girls frum da craft.

  2. it shouldnt matter that you are on the 20th floor … a visualisation is about intent
    the energy will go to where it is needed
    so dont worry about it , you will be just fine
    sorry not Wiccan , just my understanding of energy and grounding

  3. Grounding is when you stand on your head and visualize being an intelligent person who doesn’t believe in such ridiculous things like spells.
    I CAN NOT BELIEVE ANYONE WOULD BELIEVE IN THIS! What the hell is our world coming to!

  4. Do you realise that all witchcraft is an abomination to the Lord. Do you not realise that a Born Again Christian is infinitely more powerful than a witch or occult agent. This is because The Holy Ghost lives inside a Born Again Believer in Jesus Christ.
    You need to realise what you are dealing with because when you do witchcraft you open yourself up to the entry of DEMONS. When they enter you, you will not be able to get them out. JESUS LOVES YOU. Follow Him and use the abilities Jesus will give you to do good instead of evil.

    • This is meant with no disrespect Richard. But you really have no place to judge ones religion. Wicca and witchcraft is not evil. We do not believe in Satan therefore there is no devil worshipping. We are peaceful people who worship the sun , earth and moon. We do not believe in a Hell to make people behave themselves. You are just programmed by your religion so you are not open to anything other than what you were taught. Your Bible states Thou Shalt not Judge. We do not judge you and do not appreciate people like you to be so close minded. Sit back and ask yourself what you do to take care of this planet or what you contribute to her garbage heaps . you keep taking and taking but what do you give in return for her offering? Think about that.
      Blessed Be!

  5. Don’t ground before you do magic…Center (focus) before starting, ground (release excess energy) afterwards by making contact with the ground and letting the energy drain out and back into the Earth…

  6. When I’m indoors, I ground by visualizing and feeling the energy leave my body through the soles of my feet and into the floor… to the outside wall of the room and down the side of the building to the ground outside. You can, if it’s easier for you, ground by visualizing the energy flowing out of your hands and into the air through a window and it then floating to the ground outside.
    I would advise to always ground after spellwork. I’ve ended up with more than one migraine after not grounding properly. Don’t forget to have something to eat and drink as that helps with the grounding as well.
    And remember to always leave an offering to thank the god(s) and goddess(es) you’re working with.
    Good luck and Blessed Be.
    Nothing Better to Do is right. Center before spellwork. Ground after. Sorry, I didn’t catch that part originally.

  7. It doesn’t matter where you are. From what I’ve read, what you are talking about goes by many names. Grounding, or casting a circle, is a way to call into your space the energy of the elements, in order to feed power to the spell or divination you are trying to perform, and ask for protection and blessing.
    There are traditions, but practicing and coming up with your own ways will lend the best energy to your craft. THere is no right or wrong way, so relax. THe best thing you can do is get a book to learn about the elements, moon cycles, planetary influence,etc, to learn about how they effect spellcraft.
    As far as releasing energy back, it is customary to undo in reverse the process of casting a circle, in show of appreciation for the assistance you’ve received. No one can tell you exactly how to do these things. If you want it to work, then you must learn the why and what for for yourself, and then institute it in your own personal way.

  8. OK, first, read about the lives of famous occultists:
    Then decide if it’s worth persuing. If you want to wind up broke and forgotten, go for it!
    If there is any truth to the old saying “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”, that truth is found in the occult, and Wicca in particular. Silver Ravenwolf has written close to a dozen books on the subject of “The Craft”, and claims she has been studying it since about 1969, which is almost as long as I’ve been alive. She has written a book on how to cast money spells, and includes a chapter on how to do so in her Teen Witch book. But the thing is, she doesn’t particularly sound all that prosperous herself. Ravenwolf writes,
    ” For years I couldn’t afford to go to a hair stylist (still can’t, it’s shop and chop for me). I got pretty good at stying my own hair from looking at magazine pictures” [SOURCE: Teen Witch, Llewellyn Publications, 2003 edition, page 145]
    OK, she so rich she can’t go to the hairdresser. Hey, get me a copy of that Prosperity Spell book!
    Silver Ravenwolf seems to have inadvertently discovered that Wicca makes things worse, but won’t ever admit it as such.
    In Teen Witch she says
    “A lot of people tell me how bad their lives have gotten after casting a spell and tell me they won’t do Witchcraft anymore. I tell them their lives would have been much worse for not having cast the spell”.
    Gee Silver, you would think a lot of people would be saying things like “Hey, Silver Ravenwolf, my life has improved tremendously with Wicca!” if Wicca is as great as they claim. Instead it makes lives much worse, and even Silver Ravenwolf admits she hears this a lot!!!
    Why? Because sometimes, things are just as you think they are. Most average people will tell you the occult deals with black magic and demons, and demons are evil beings who wish us harm. This is how it is my friend. The occult is evil, and brings bad happenings into a person’s life, and Wicca is an occult religion. When you stop trying to rationalize it with inaccurate data and just use common sense you will realize this. Some occultists are of above average intelligence, and I think part of the problem is they have book smarts but not common sense. There are two forces at work in this universe: the counterfeit and the genuine. Wicca’s source of power is not the genuine. There’s just simply no way Wicca (and thus the copycat Neopagan religions) can be created from the black magic writings of “The Great Beast 666″, the bizarre sexual practices of Gardner, the spiritual “guidance” of the Watchers (fallen angels) and still be a source of good!
    None of the people who have answered your question can make it work either, Don’t delude yourself. It’s an incredible waste of time and money, and it’s spiritual poison.

  9. I ground by getting into a comfortable position and let go of all my negative energy. I usually envision a clean slate and all negativity going back into the earth. Pretty simple.

  10. You don’t *have* to gorund… but if you don’t, you’ll probably be keyed up.
    For visualization, I normally go through a tree meditation – visualize yourself outside, in a grove of trees, and slowly morph your body into a tree (feet becoming roots, etc.).
    Eating food, especially carbs, helps as well. You can also do something like take a shower – the running water will help, and you can visualize the excess energy melting away with the water.
    Don’t worry about not having a set routine for it right now – you just need to find the one that works for you. Not every method works for everybody, so don’t stess if a particular method isn’t effective.

  11. Hi there,
    It is an exciting journey learning the craft. And it is never ending in many ways (in a good way 🙂 ).
    Here is my response for you to consider.
    When we are learning something, like when I was first learning how to ‘meditate’ I was concerned and somewhat focused on ‘getting it right’.
    It was my fear of doing it wrong and therefore screwing up and not reaping the benefits.
    One of the main principals of The Craft is that like attracts like – and it is about where our energy is directed.
    So if we are focused on ‘getting it right’ our energy is actually on ‘not getting it wrong’ and therefore we are likely to attract the very thing we don’t want…a ‘dud’ result.
    This is SUPER important to know and understand – and it is a great reminder for myself even as I type this – focus on what I/you/we do want 🙂
    OK – so the specifics:
    Grounding is a term – it is not literal that you have to be touching the earth.
    As really what is ‘real’?
    Energy is the only ‘real’ thing – and it then comes together at different levels of vibrating frequencies to create ‘matter’ (which is only energy).
    So what that means is that to be ‘grounded’ is to have a ‘grounded energy’ – which is one that is calm, centered and flowing with the natural energies of life.
    Nature is a great place to be in amongst for it – if you can be. It is not imperative.
    Your success with spell work is dependent on the energetic state you are in – whether your focus is on success to the point of certainty. Versus worrying about ‘getting it right’ or longing for it to happen.
    So create your own sacred space wherever that may be – feel good about that. Do not worry about what anyone else thinks – it’s what is right for you.
    And then imagine that the energies from the center of the earth are moving up through the ground, up into your building, through the souls of your feet and through your body – calming, centering and grounding you.
    And enjoy!

  12. in the most simple terms grounding is like taking a moment to get your head on right. relex, and focus on what you are wanting to do. as no two ppl do anything the same way. trust the goddess, and follow your heart and head, she will guide you to where you most want to be.
    blessed be.

  13. I deeply apologize for the flack you are getting. No one on this site would appreciate receiving this emotional and verbal grief themselves. This is the religion and spirituality site, not the “bash everyone who has not my religion” site. Every belief and religion has their own not so pure history.
    Grounding in any belief or faith is a centering of intention. A clearing away of the extraneous in order to create balance and an even flow of energy. It is calming and creates an inner harmony.
    It sounds as though you already have good visualization skills. This is a very good sign. “Where thought flows, energy goes.” Grounding can be done in any position, standing, sitting, lying down (lying down can put you to sleep).
    With your eyes closed visualize yourself standing bare footed(sitting, lying down, etc.) on Mother Earth. Visualizing a beautiful peaceful surrounding is quite beneficial (mountains, seaside, woods, flower filled fields, etc.). Breathe deeply into your belly, hold for a count of 7 (N, S, E, W, up, down, center) then release your breath slowly. As you exhale, send down roots (like those of a strong tree) to the center of the earth to wrap around the core to ground you. Take a deep belly breath in and visualize bright sparkling energy coming up from the center of the earth and flowing gently along the roots through bottoms of your feet and flowing through your body healing as it flows. Exhale slowly strengthening your roots and ties to Mother Earth. Do this for a few moments to keep the flow going and to balance and adjust to the loving calming energy
    Maintain the flow of breath and visualize a bright ray of light from the heavens entering the top of your head at the crown. As you inhale, earth energy comes in through your feet and energy from the universe comes in through your crown, both energies heal, balance and flow through your entire body. The earth energy flows out through your crown and the heavenly energy flows to Mother Earth through your feet. You are balanced, healed and calmed by both flows. You are firmly grounded to Mother Earth as you receive Universal energy. Always ground to Mother Earth first.
    Close off your crown and thank the Universe. Release Mother Earth and thank her. Thank each three times for body, mind and soul.
    If you feel you still have too much energy left after your “casting” place bare feet and bare hands on the floor (in your mind, Mother Earth) and let the energy flow back. After a few minutes take in a slow belly breath and drink a glass of water that has been prepared with a few grains of salt (earth)and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice (fruit of the earth) to complete the grounding.
    Remember to send out only loving healing thoughts, for what you send out comes back three times over. Do as you will but harm none.

  14. Hi
    I’m really quite shocked and dismayed at some of the ill informed, negative, derogatory comments on this page. I know everyone has the right to express their opinion, but for all those who say anything nasty to his poor questioner, can I ask you:
    Why do you feel the need to verbally abuse someone or their spiritual beliefs for no reason?
    It’s really mean and uncalled for, whatever spiritual beliefs any of you hold on this ‘alternative’ ‘new age’ website hold, you should be deeply ashamed of yourselves.
    Please reply and let me know what your beliefs are, so I can avoid those spirituality/religions like the plague.

  15. For all those that are miss informed, and think Pagans are into “bad” beliefs.
    In around 300 AD the so called “pope” at the time stated “The church deemed such beliefs “Pagan” innocent.
    It has only been through time and corrupt so called Popes that the “Pagan” beliefs have been twisted into something negative. How can a religion or belief that focuses on the natural world around them be negative? Sure there are good and bad people…look at christianity, it the bad side of that religion not satanism? Exactly! One can argue all they want that satanism is not part of christianity but I beg to differ, it is the christians that believe in the horned devil, not the Pagans.

    • Although it is easier to pull energy (simply because it’s easier to visualize) when u are sitting on the literal ground, YES energy will travel up buildings through cement and steel. You can also picture yourself pulling it out of the air around you. After all, matter is energy, air is energy, everything is energy. Grounding began in a time when people usually weren’t in big buildings – you know, hundreds, even thousands of years ago.
      I have to tell you that I thought grounding insignificant in the beginning. As your third eye opens and you learn to channel and release more and more energy in magic, you will have to ground to keep from making yourself sick. If you ever feel ill after a spell u either have too much to energy left in you or you have burned away too much energy from yourself. Grounding after a spell helps u to restore balance in your body.
      Grounding before spells helps us to pull energy from the ether or the ground below us. If u don’t do this it can be more difficult to cast spells. Grounding first is like super charging a battery (your body) before a spell so u don’t use as much of your own energy.
      As always, your practice must be what works for you. These are just things that have been helpful for many individuals practices and can be helpful when exploring your own practice. However, your truth always comes from within you. Your confirmation as to if something someone suggests is right for you will come from within you. Trust yourself always. Love and light to you!


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