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Witchcraft, Wicca, cats…I need questions answered.?

***Please do not give useless, judgmental comments, this is not for your entertainment, only answer if you are familiar with the dark arts or Wicca spirituality or things of that nature…I do not wish to be criticized or saved…leave me to mine and I will leave you to yours…
I’m not sure about the various forms of magics and such…however some strange things happen, something similar to spiritual awakening and not sure what to make of it…
What does anyone know about the connection of cats and witchcraft? Can they be a way of communication or other services? What of strong intuition and premonition…??? How to know if my spirit is awakening…is sixteen/seventeen a critical age in such? Happening since small child and getting stronger…what to do? One knows enemies or personalities before introduced…or just by simply passing…


  1. I have always been like that, know exactly what people are about, even the ones who drive by me in their cars. It is not a ‘dark art’ unless you insist on making it so. And I have an affinity for cats, they communicate with me and I have 4 cats that I am caring for right now. Psychic ability does not equal witchcraft. Not all witches are psychics and not all psychics are witches.

  2. Can you feel a persons esseance and know them for good or evil just by looking at them?
    Do you know when people are sad or mad or happy even if they do not show it?
    Can you change a persons mood or temperment towards another by speaking it so.
    These are gifts given by God to you for a purpose do not squander them.
    If you are hurting someone remember these are the devils gifts and they will come back to hurt you.
    God loves you and trusts you with his power use it wisely.

  3. In the dark art culture, The Awakening can happen at almost any time, but is most common in adolescence. I should also say that though the Dark Art is present in the Wicca fayth, and some the covens do focus on it. As for cats, most Fayth’s revere them as special omens and powerful beings, especially when dealing with death. As for using them to communicate with the dead, the only way I found to do that is with a medium, and those are very few indeed.

  4. One- I consider myself a Witch (Pagan- Not specifically Wiccan) and I don’t touch cats. They lick themselves and are not clean.
    Two- My ‘spiritual awakening’ if you want to call it that was at 14. I was baptised Catholic, went to Catholic school, but it never made sense. I brought my sketchbook into religion class because I was yelled at all the time. “Lets hear what Raven has to say…”
    Teenage years are when you are figuring out your life.
    Strong intuition, premonition, knowledge of enemies are things that are born into us humans, but are denied and surpressed by society.

  5. cats are always used in the general population as being in cohesion with witches,and they are.The cat thing portrays as a familiar or totem animal ,a guardian.Familiars can be anything,from a cat to a unicorn
    You sound like yo are what is called in spiritual terms awakening , you feel it getting stronger because it it happening world wide ,if you have the gift of premonition,you will need to explore it to use it wisley. love and light

  6. You sound a lot like me. I may not be a factual expert, though I do know a great deal on certain subjects, but if you ever need someone your own age to talk to I’d be glad to help. Im or email me anytime.
    Blessed be.

  7. Sixteen and seventeen is when you usually start to get really horny but don’t try to do anything with cats unless they have been declawed. They scratch like Hell and still can bite even without claws. At least thats what I have been told. Dark magic can turn little girls into toads so be careful.
    Kisses Betty B.

  8. Since I was a small child I have always spoken to animals and trees and they’ve spoken back, sometimes loudly. The only one who told me it was hooey was my pastor and I told him he was a liar and promptly went off and became a Pagan…. well not quite so promptly. It took awhile and my parents put up with me, bless them.
    You’re not the only one who has had to deal with this, my Son. My cats speak to me a great deal and I often have flashes of insight as, you will find, do a lot of others. Right now, Dearest, you need to settle down and go with the flow before you frighten yourself. Using your girfts is a good thing but don’t be so hypersensitive that everyone becomes either good or bad. Use your gut feelings. Your head or your heart will lie to you, trust me, but your gut won’t. You’re gut will keep you out of situations that the other two would have gotten you into — that small voice? That’s the one. You’ve already heard it.
    No, 16 or 17 is not a critical age, it’s just one of those ages where hormones are whackier than most. What to do? Calm down. Breathe , my Dear One. What you need will be there. Just for Mother’s sake, don’t ever lose control.
    Ask your cat. If you need help, feel free to ask. Ask around. You’ll ask people and you’ll figure out who you should ask, who you should’ve asked and who you shouldn’t have.
    Life is a learning experience, my Dearest. We’re here if you

  9. Many different possibilities here, I doubt theres any dark or evil magic going on here. Spiritual awakening can happen at any time really, though it is common in your teenage years when your body and mind are still developing. Often it may mean that you born with “the veil thing” meaning that you developed psychic skills in an earlier life (through actual work and practice). Your best bet here is to learn more about it and to develop them so that they are more under your control. You may feel the emotions of others around you making you an empath(a common form of psychic power that happens without your control). Cats are commonly associated with witchcraft because they are common “familiars” (you may want to do some research on them as well). None of this is dark though, in fact it is completely natural if you are a person with a thin veil between yourself and your higher self.

  10. We all discover the begining of our path at different times and for different reasons. I’ve been a Witch for 53 years and I have to say that the Christian concept of old ladies with pointed hats, wart on noses and black familiars is too stereotypical for me. First off I am male. Secondly I am a dog person, but I do have a few cat crazy friends. And lastly all my furkids are part of my family and they aren’t evil except when they are playing!
    Maybe you should go to the Witch’s Voice and see who lives in your area and start talking to someone. !7 is the earliest that most groups or covens will take someone in for training. So call someone to talk to them and see what happens. Good luck.

  11. i am sorry but “dark arts” do not exist in wicca. period. wicca is a nature based, polytheistic religion that focuses on balance, and light. granted you cannot have light without dark, but wiccans do not practice any form of black magic or dark arts! cats are generally thought of as being a witch’s familiar, but any animal can be. i have had cats and dogs be my familiars. yes, they can be a way of communication, service, teachers, etc. everyone has intuition and premonition capabilities, however not many are in touch with it or pay attention to it. as far as awakenings go, it can happen at any time. for me it started when i was very young and has continued to progress as i have gotten older. if you feel that this is happening to you, it can be very scary but it doesnt have to be. my advice to you…read and study all you can. any book and every book you can find on wicca and such subjects. the more you read and study, the more it will start to make sense to you…if this is to be your path. learn to trust your intuition. learn to trust yourself. if you have been given the gift of being a true empath, there will be times at first when you probably will not be able to control it, you will learn how. again, if this is your path, trust the goddess, she will not give you more than you can handle and she will not cause harm. if you have further questions, please feel free to email me.
    blessed be

  12. I am a eclectic wiccan and I use animal totems as guides. My totem happens to be the CAT.
    If you are dreaming about cats there is a need for independence or the need to be alone to gather your thoughts and make decisions. If you notice cats aways seem to be around or you have always had a love for cats all your life your life totem is more then likely the cat
    You power will be at night. My suggestion is that any magick that you do including divination be done at night.
    You may want to read up on totem animals specifically the domesticated cat and wild cats.
    As far as witchcraft is concerned it was believed in medieval times that cat was an attendant spirit that appeared to aid a witch in the practice of magick.
    As far as strong intuition an premonition follow it never push it aside for the sake of others. It is there for a reason to guide and protect you. If your ability is that strong you must fine tune it and make it stronger. It is only a passing if you start ignoring your intuition.

  13. Cats have always been associated with witches, witchcraft, and have been considered to be the familiars of witches. My cat Rose is a dream walker. She usually shows up in my dreams when I’m going through hard times. I knew my fiance the moment I met him. I had a dream about him once, before I even met him. I knew he was my soulmate before he did. I believe that everyone reaches/achieves their own spirituality in their own way. Listen to your intuition and what feels right for you. There are several really good books out there that you could read. Books on familiars would be a good start, so would books on premonitions. Search out wiccan/metaphysical/new age shops in your area; you can also look up wicca/metaphysical on the internet or in your local library. Some shops will even have local covens that you can look into that will and can help you in this area. You don’t have to listen to just one person or group of people. But above all else remember to listen to your own intuition, if it feels right to you go with it.

  14. This is more like six questions than one but I’ll try to help. Cats have long been considered spiritually sensitive animals, from the Bast goddess of ancient Egypt to the witch’s familiars of medieval Europe and onward. They are highly sensitive to auras and spiritual presences. 16/17 or any time around adolescence is indeed a critical age in spiritual awakening. You may have latent psychic powers which are awakening. In order to understand them from a witchcraft/Wiccan perspective, suggest you read any books by reputable witches such as Starhawk, Doreen Valiente, Raven Grimassi, etc.

  15. hiya, apart for cats being extreemly lovely animals, they are also very intuitive and sensitive to spiritual occurances. if you feel comfortable around cats, or indeed one has seemed to taken a liking to you..this indeed could be what is called a familiar..which acts as a companion earthly guide on your journey. it looks to me like you have some amazing stuff going on in your life at the moment……this is an ideal opportunity to learn….and remember wicca is earth and nature based faith…there are no dark arts here………..best wishes on your path……you will follow many paths along your journey..blessed be )0(

  16. I will not give you useless or judgemental comments, I will just tell you what I learned about Wicca. I was a Wiccan too when I was your age. Then I found out Wicca was a hoax created by Gerald Gardner so he could be beaten by strong willed women. http://usminc.org/oldreligion
    Over the years, there have been a lot of people who thought they had magic powers, including intuition. If so, why did these people wind up broke?
    If there is any truth to the old saying “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”, that truth is found in the occult, and Wicca in particular. Silver Ravenwolf has written close to a dozen books on the subject of “The Craft”, and claims she has been studying it since about 1969, which is almost as long as I’ve been alive. She has written a book on how to cast money spells, and includes a chapter on how to do so in her Teen Witch book. But the thing is, she doesn’t particularly sound all that prosperous herself. Ravenwolf writes,
    ” For years I couldn’t afford to go to a hair stylist (still can’t, it’s shop and chop for me). I got pretty good at stying my own hair from looking at magazine pictures” [SOURCE: Teen Witch, Llewellyn Publications, 2003 edition, page 145]
    OK, she so rich she can’t go to the hairdresser. Therefore we can conclude: She is unable to use magic to cast spells for money, or else life would not be a struggle for her.
    …and yet, she has written dozens of money spells, including a whole book on them. Obviously, she’s self-deluded or a fake. This is true of every occultist. I spent hundreds of dollars on occult books and wasted years of my life before I finally figured it out.
    Silver Ravenwolf seems to have inadvertently discovered that Wicca makes things worse, but won’t ever admit it as such.
    In Teen Witch she says
    “A lot of people tell me how bad their lives have gotten after casting a spell and tell me they won’t do Witchcraft anymore. I tell them their lives would have been much worse for not having cast the spell”.
    Gee Silver, you would think a lot of people would be saying things like “Hey, Silver Ravenwolf, my life has improved tremendously with Wicca!” if Wicca is as great as they claim. Instead it makes lives much worse, and even Silver Ravenwolf admits she hears this a lot!!!
    My advice is to rethink what your doing, be willing to admit you might have made a mistake, and seek out a church in your area with a congregation that has a lot of youth.
    If you need help with life’s problems, you can find 1-800 numbers for everything to cutting, alcholism, domestic violence, etc., here: http://usminc.org/links

  17. a familiar finds you. you can not just go to the pet store & pick out a cat. there is no critical age. it is about educateing yourself. when the time is right for you then & only then will your destiny be reveiled


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