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Witchcraft: I have a friend into Magick and she claims she can make people sick, is it true?

Can you manipulate magick so to make people sick and to kill them too?
Yes she knows that Black Magick rebounds, that’s why she keeps animals (pigeons) to catch it, so it’s the pigeons who get sick or die when the rebound (after she got someone sick) comes.


  1. Kill people, not so much, make them “sick”, sure. Though in practicality the majority of this phenominon is simply a reverse placebo effect of sorts.

  2. There are some things that we may never know,the power of the mind is pretty amazing at times. I really don’t know if it is possible,but I like to keep an open mind about everything.

  3. That is the dumbest thing Ive ever heard of. Dont hang out with people like that, they are right in the head and if you piss her off she will claim that she is going to kill you or something, who knows. Just stay away from all that witchcraft stuff, Ive heard horror stories of girls around here that did crazy stuff to eachother.

  4. Yeah, but it’s not likely. People have an innate protection in their energy field agaisnt that kind of thing. If that barrier falls, people can get sick more easily anyway. If I were you, I’d warn her about Karma, because if she thinks she can do that, she’s going to catch it back 3 fold.

  5. I’m a Youth Sunday School teacher. Yes this is possible. There are many spirits in this world. Remember king Sol and when the prophet Samuel died, he had no other guide and/or person to get messages from God. Sol went to a psychic and she was able to bring Samuel up from the grave. It is very possible and I would be very careful with this type of person. Watch this and know that God loves you. http://www.mayyoubeblessedmovie.com

  6. She’s probably pulling your leg. Most magic users are aware of the law of three and that everything they send out is brought back three times over. No true magic user would make someone ill without being aware that they would get much more ill in retaliation.

  7. No, she is probably talking about devil worshipers magick (not to be confused with satanists) devil worshipers believe they can do that stuff, but i disagree.
    if there is magick then i doubt it could be used by humans at all.

  8. That’s not actually a yes or no question.
    If a person believes they can be made sick by magick, then a person casting a spell upon the person may have some effect. Generally though, a person couldn’t cast a spell on a president and expect them to become ill. (Some will argue that more advanced witches have greater ability to affect others)
    The point is that most who practice magick will not use it for such purposes. Revenge and anger are not considered worthy uses of such things. Also, many practitioners believe in the “threefold law” which states that negative energy will return to the sender, sometimes amplified.
    Some people might cast a spell, for example, to make someone else sick. If that person becomes ill, the person casting the spell may believe it to be their power or their spell.
    In the end, without knowing the person, I still doubt that they are actually making people sick. If they are trying to do so, I doubt their actual training and ability. Just reading a book of spells and trying them out does not a witch make.

  9. Yes, but why? Think about it, you can do the same thing with poisons. Yopu can also kill, however it will look like something else did it.
    Black magic only rebounds if your an idiot, and if you get some back, deal with it. That’s really all I use.
    Stop thinking of magic as a “Stuff,” thing only.

  10. Grow up and stop making up stories. What are you, 12? The pigeons catch the karma that comes back at her. Like karma is going to confuse a pigeon for your “friend”.
    It’s very easy to make people sick. Cook them dinner using milk that’s gone bad. That will do it pretty quickly.

  11. That is ridiculous! I think your friend is desperately looking for attention. But actually it could work IF, and only if the people she claims to make sick believe she can. It could also work if she created potions and gets the “victim” to ingest it. That is simply called poisoning! People like her are the ones who give all Wiccans & Witches a bad name. In her case it is not witchcraft, I would call it “bitchcraft”. There is also no way any thing she does could rebound into pigeons since they did not do anything. As a matteer fo fact any harm she does to the animals is destined to come back on her as well. Hmm, it may come back on her an additional 3 times as she is deliberalty harming (or trying to harm) more than one being. How long has your friend been playing? I have been a PRACTICING witch for over 40 years.

  12. Your friend has been reading too many stories of witch craft and black magic…….I believe there are people who have this (gift if used in good way) or (evil if used in wrong way)
    There is Voodoo that is very real also,………I do agree that people like your little friend give people who practice Wiccan a very bad name

  13. That (female canine) is pure evil. She gives the rest of us a bad name by using The Craft is such a nasty manner. Even worse, she uses animals to take the backlash that she so rightly deserves.
    We will track her down, put a stop to her. I have excellent people who report to me. It may take time…but it will stop. Ta for the heads-up. No need for concern, we just render her powers inert. That is she will be utterly and completely useless.

    • You are not one to decide how anyone else uses their power. You will get the same thing back to you. Try to take away another’s powers, you will have more of that skin condition to deal with.

    • Try to take away another’s power because you don’t like the way they’re using it? It conflicts with your beliefs? Sure hope no “religious” men ever take away your power because they don’t agree with the way you dress and the evil thoughts your body puts in their mind. oh now we wouldn’t want that would we? wouldn’t want anyone taking away your power would we?
      Think its time for someone to get what THEY deserve…..

  14. yes it is possible,but not by normal people like you,or even your friend,i’ve seen someone who claimed that she could do these kind of stuff,i didn’t believe her until she showed me how it works,you should see it with your own eyes so you can believe it

  15. Yes you can do this. I know because I have done this. I am not a devil worshipper or anything, but i have seen many ghost growing up and have always been into the paranormal. When i first noticed i could i was when i would get really really mad at someone and in my head say to myself oh i wish they would get sick or something to that effect. Then i noticed that they got sick and remebered that i had that thought. Then whenever i would deal with (a jerk again )say at work or something i started to test it out just to see if it worked, and it would work, I would have to feel it very strongly though. I have done this probably about 10 to 15 times on different people just to see if it would happen and it has to all of them. I dont know how to explain it but i would just get this really intense feeling in my stomach when i would be thinking it, and then day or two later they would be very sick. I know this sounds horrible, and shortly after i started doing this, i got very very sick, for a while. I stopped after that and will never do it again. The power of thought is very VERY powerful and if you know how to use it, you can heal people too. Since there is alot of christians replying on here, an example would be the numerous church cases where people who have cancer and are dying stand in the center of dozens of christians they are all touching the sick person and praying for him/her to get better, then shortly after you hear of that person getting better, or dramatically reducing their cancer. THAT is the power of thought, dozens of people really hoping for that ONE person to get better can and will make it happen. Look it up. Its true. You should be careful around this girl though, and warn her that she will get very sick. Its nothing to be messing around with. Tell her to look into meditation and try healing people instead. 🙂

  16. i truly want to no how to make someone deathly sick and i dont care about what comes back my way. i have been searching for some information for some time. but i need someone who really nos how this thing really works as soon as possible.

  17. You are all mad, if you can cast spells for good or bad, then why do you sit back and watch a world full of hatred consume it’s self??? And on the other side why are’nt you lot ruling the planet with your spells…. Or are you suggesting the world is run by evil witches????


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